IIT Grad From Bihar Quit Rs 20 Lakh-Job For Organic Farming, Started With Only 3 Acre-Land

As people are becoming aware about agriculture and farming opportunities and techniques, many youngsters are quitting their high paying jobs in big cities and adopting farming as their profession. They are not just making huge profits but also providing employment opportunities to many people.

Today’s story is about Pooja Bharti who bid goodbye to her high paying cushy job of Rs 20 lakh and adopted farming. Not just has she attained success but today, she is encouraging many youngsters to come back to their hometown and do farming in their villages.

Pooja hails from Nalanda in Bihar. After completing her chemical engineering from IIT, Kharagpur, she got a job in a MNC through campus placement with annual income of Rs 20 lakh. However, hailing from a farmer’s family, Pooja always had an inclination towards farming.

She noticed that her father could not earn as much as he would invest. She also saw that so many engineers, passing out from many reputed institution, would either work at call centers or run to complete targets of marketing firms just to earn mere Rs 20,000. It was all because of lack of employment opportunities in the country.

Looking at the agricultural industry, she felt upset looking at people parting ways from farming and choosing other professions. She would always ask herself why the youngsters don’t chose farming as a profession. All these questions would keep battling inside her head and finally, one day, Pooja decided to go back to her roots.

In 2015, after working for six years, she bid adieu to her job. She traveled to Assam and Madhya Pradesh to learn farming techniques from various agricultural scientists. After learning as much as she could, she left for Orissa to start farming and also encourage other youngsters to opt for this profession.

“I wanted to bring all those youngsters into agriculture who, even after having good degrees, are not getting proper jobs and are staying away from home. To eliminate this, I travelled across the country to understand and learn the basics of farming. I might have studied chemical engineering but today I am successful farmer,” says Pooja in an interview with KenFolios.

She bought three acres of land and started organic farming. The farmers in her area who used chemicals and pesticides for farming, eventually moved to organic farming as well.

They were not ready to understand but once I showed them practically, they learnt. If you have your own land then it takes very little investment for organic farming. All the basic elements that are needed for farming will come from your farm itself,” tells Pooja.

She tells that biomass which is the most important element is available easily. Apart from that, you need cow dung and jaggery to make amrut mitti, the rich organic soil, which comes for very less price. Pooja tells that you get more growth from organic farming as compared to chemicals.

According to her, to prepare amrut mitti, you need amrut water which is the mixture of one liter cow urine (gomutra), one kilo cow dung, 50 grams jaggery and ten liters of water.

Currently, Pooja is running a campaign called Back To Village where she encourages youngsters to adopt farming and also trains them.

Young people like Pooja set an example in the society. She left her cushy job to adopt farming and help many farmers with various techniques related to organic farming. You just need to patient and believe in yourself not just to make a place for yourself but also to encourage other people and providing them employment opportunities.

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