IIT-IIM Grad Left Million Dollar Job, Returned To His Village And Here’s How Made It Worth

When most of the younger generation from the rural sectors is swarming the cities in search of plush jobs and improved lifestyles, some well-educated and talented youngsters are choosing villages over the glimmering city life and lucrative job options. Such efforts coming from these youngsters are not only changing economic condition of these villages but also providing valuable employment opportunities to people in their vicinity itself.

Here is a section of young India that has sacrificed comforts of urban life to dive into a satisfaction that can only come from transforming people’s life of the marginalized and ignored. In the real sense, more such efforts can make India a superpower in the near future.

Forty-one-year-old Vigyan Gadodia completed his studies from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), two of the premium institutes of this country. But he eventually bid goodbye to his successful corporate career and started working for the betterment of his own village.

Gadodia was working as the Vice President of Yes Bank. In the year 2005, he was posted in a rural area as the Head of Micro Finance in the bank. He soon realized that microfinance was failing to offer any special assistance to pull the villagers out of poverty. After understanding the ground reality, he was disheartened but resolved to start his own venture to fix this problem.. He left his job and headed back to his native village in July 2006.

From 2006 to 2011, he worked tirelessly to establish the concept of vermicompost, organic farming, BPO, and a rural NGO. During his work he realized a business prospect in the disorganized distribution system of cow milk in the village. Transforming his idea into reality, he started a dairy industry in 2012 in about two-and-a-half acre of land in Lisaria village, 70 kilometers away from Jaipur. His sole motivation and goal behind this business was to provide pure and fresh milk to the common people.

Gadodia believes that well-nourished cows can provide better, healthier, and richer nutritious milk compared to buffaloes.

Gadodia’s Sahaj Agro Farm is now providing milk to over 250 homes of Jaipur. He has not only created a successful dairy firm but has also encouraged almost all the farmers of around 25 nearby villages to follow his suit of success.

At present, there are 50 cows in his farm producing 500 liters of milk everyday. On the top of it, recently, Gadodia launched an advanced milk processing unit establishing a milk collection system for procuring milk directly from the nearby dairy farmers. They have made their own brand of milk and also are looking forward to provide them in other cities of the country.

By using modern technology, Gadodia cultivated a new vision and route for success to hundreds of farmers in the rural areas. He introduced the idea of entrepreneurship among them and presented himself as an example of success. The farmers in Gadodia’s village have now embarked on a path brimming with self-belief. They show us how and why it is better to be in village and become an entrepreneur rather than migrating to big cities in search of petty employment opportunities.

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