Inspirational Story You Must Share: Turning Rs 200 Investment Into Rs 2,000 Crore Empire

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. The same can be said for Madan Paliwal, a business magnate, philanthropist, movie produce, and owner of Miraj Group of Industries, which came into existence in 1987. But all of this success came at a price. His life story is the stuff that are Bollywood movies made of.

Born in 1959 in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, Madan Paliwal graduated in BA from Government College, Nathdwara. He was always inclined towards business and entrepreneurship right from his childhood. He wanted to be self-dependent and therefore started his first venture when he was in STD 6. Although it didn’t last long because of financial constraints, he knew this was his calling and he wanted to be a big businessman, when he grows up.

Madan tried his hand at various fields to set up his business like selling namkeen, plastic bags, and even tried running a pav bhaji lorry with a friend while working as an accountant. But, none of the businesses worked out well. Not to be deterred by initial failures, he kept his aim high and decided to keep trying with new ideas.

Meanwhile, he got a government job in Rajasthan’s education department. That job ensured financial security for family and boosted his determination to go for entrepreneurship in his spare time. Once travelling in public transport, he gave some tobacco to a fellow passenger, that’s when he came up with the idea of Miraj Tobaccos – a hygienic and safe alternative to the existing products.

With not much capital or infrastructure, he started his firm named – ‘Miraj Zarda Udyog’ in 1987. Started with an in-house machinery, there were number of hassles to grow this plant and make something successful out of it. But, with Paliwal’s grit and search for success, he overcame all these and started spreading his plant in various other cities. In 2001, he thought of coming up with diversification and started a stationary unit in Udaipur.

Slowly and steadily, he entered into other fields like FMCG division, Hospitality, PVC Pipes, Cosmetics, Real Estate etc. It was in 2008, he decided to give even film industry a try. Even though busy with all this businesses, he never lost his sight for serving the society and giving back to the underprivileged around him. He is so passionate about sports that he built a stadium in Nathdwara.

Started as in in-house simple beginning product, Miraj group now has presence in several industries. Today, MIRAJ own more than 20 group Companies almost in every sector. What started with Rs 200 as investment is now making upto Rs 2,000 crores. In India he is one of the major producers of Bollywood film industry. His major interests in entertainment include Miraj Cinema a chain of several multiplex cinemas throughout India. He is married to Sushila Devi Paliwal, has one son Mantra Raj Paliwal and four Daughters Bhawana, Garima, Mamta and Madhvi.

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