Interesting: MBA Friends Reunite In India To Sell Quality Milk, Now Deliver 2000 Liters Pure Milk Daily

It’s every millennial’s dream to start a business with a best friend and hustle 24×7 to make it big in the industry. They’re right when they say, ‘dreams don’t work unless you do’. You need to be fully dedicated to your purpose if you actually want to make it work. Such is the story of two school pals who made it big by selling farm fresh natural milk and dairy products. 

“Quitting a job to pursue entrepreneurship was an extremely crucial decision to make but the feeling of owning a renowned brand is salvation.” – Said Parth in a chat with Kenfolios.

Parth and Sahil are schoolmates from Don Bosco, Delhi. Both simultaneously pursued Engineering and MBA from different colleges. After grabbing their degrees, they both started working in different parts of the world as Management Consultants. Though far away from each other, they kept in frequent contact over phone calls.

“Our conversations revolved around new business opportunities that existed in the Indian market. The fact that we were traveling extensively over the last five years gave us a perspective on how and which industries were growing globally and where these opportunities could fit within the Indian business landscape,” – said Sahil.

That’s when they narrowed the possibilities down to Farm Fresh and healthy products. Parth said, “We witnessed that no company in the food space was catering to the various breakfast table requirements. Consumers had to buy from multiple vendors and various brands to fulfill their breakfast requirements. That’s where our opportunity lay.”

After a good amount of research and development, they finally decided to quit their jobs and follow their dreams of owning a brand. They started ‘Happy Nature’ on a small scale with just delivering 20 liters of milk in a day to their acquaintances. Sourcing the milk from Desi healthy cows, packaging the milk, and even delivery of milk was initially done by Parth and Sahil to cut down on initial investments. They truly believe in the idea and that is why they never step back in doing anything that it demands. 

The problem that they felt was the increasing adulteration in the milk because of the huge demand in the market. “We witnessed that the adulteration in milk caused some serious health issues and that’s when we decided to transform the way India shops for Milk.” Said Sahil.

Happy Nature gradually gained the required attention and people could actually feel the difference in the quality of milk. They now deliver approximately 2000 liters of milk and products across Delhi. They have recently ventured into bakery products like bread, gourmet cheese, etc. They’re planning to take this on a national level by making farm-fresh milk and products available for every Indian.

Their journey is a piece of evidence that humble beginnings are completely alright until you are consistent and honest to the purpose.

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