Key To Peace: Sisters Left High-Paying Job In Delhi To Return To Home In Hills

In times when youngsters are getting fascinated by city’s limelight, we see a large number of the young generation leaving their roots and place of birth. Everyday, we hear about people getting away from the villages of Uttarakhand and moving to big cities. But there are still some youngsters who have left the city’s limelight, good paying jobs and a comfortable life behind and have gone back to their villages, working for its development. Today’s story is something unbelievable.

This is true that Uttarakhand’s two sisters Kushika Sharma and Kanika Sharma left their high-paying jobs and worked towards the development of their village. They left a luxurious life of Delhi to give a new lease of life to the mountains. Both Kushika and Kanika were leading a good life in Delhi but they realized that this life was nothing in comparison to the peace in mountains.

Both the sisters decided that they will leave everything behind and go back to their village Mukteshwar, near Nainital, Uttarakhand, and work for the progress of their place. Their families supported them and they chose the way of organic farming and decided to spread awareness about it. After going to Mukteshwar, both the sisters started Dyo – the organic village resort and began informing the local people about it. Now, both the sisters are trying to extend their work so that they can spread awareness in other villages of Uttarakhand as well.  Along with that they are they are working towards creating a supply chain to sell agricultural products.

Kushika and Kanika completed their schooling from Uttarakhand’s Nainital and Ranikhet. After finishing her school education, Kushika decided to do MBA. After doing her MBA, Kushika worked in a multi national firm in Gurgaon as a senior research analyst for almost four years.  Oh the other hand, her sister Kanika got a degree from Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia after which she got a scholarship in entrepreneurship from Hyderabad. Both the sisters got the opportunity to work with many National and international firms. Both of them had to stay away from their family in Nainital because of work and studies but every time they used to get time, they would go to Nainital. During this time, they realised how much happy their father used to be when both of them visited home and when the date of their return journey used to come closer, their father used to get upset. But Kushika and Kanika could not help because work was important too.

This way both the sisters started living in the peaceful environment of their village Mukteshwar and decided to do organic farming and said goodbye to their respective jobs in Delhi. Initially they faced a lot of challenge as their idea was very new for the people of the village and it was very natural for them to not believe in it. After shifting to Mukteshwar, both the sisters started analysing  the condition of farming and the farmers in the village. During this time they observed that their village’s primary source of income was from agriculture but the villagers and farmers did not have any idea of how to increase the production, organic farming and there was no one to guide them.

Both of them observed that whenever someone from the city used to come to Nainital for vacations they felt heavenly and staying in village made them feel like doing something which was new and healthy for them. That’s why they decided to add Dayo in front of their organic village resort as it is a Sanskrit word which means heaven. Both the sisters are getting excellent feedback from the tourists. This five roomed resort has been named after five natural elements from Sanskrit language. The name of the rooms are Urvi, Era, Viha, Ark and Vyoman. This is unique in its own way.

Tourists who come here get facilities where they can go to the farm and get vegetables of their own choice and ask the resort chef to cook their desired dishes. There are around twenty people working in their resort. These sisters are working on organic farming in the bare land of their resort and also spreading awareness in the village about education.

Kushika and Kanika started teaching the local people about hospitality to bring in opportunities for tourists’ development and livelihood. As a result of which today the villagers are doing all the work from farming to cooking and they are even getting financial help. Both of them are planning to establish a supply chain to sell organic farming products from their resort.

Today Kushika and Kanika are not just happy and excited about their work but are also helping the villagers to get employment opportunities to solve the problem of migration. They’re also spreading awareness about organic farming which has given a new direction to the villagers.

If we really want to stop migration we have to come up with new ideas for the betterment of our villages and initiate a new movement. The time has come when youngsters should leave the city crowd and go back to their roots and do something better for their villages. The crowd gives strength but takes away your identity.

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