Knitting Little Dreams And Joy Through Her Crochet, Sonipat Based Motherpreneur Making It Big

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and seeing your bundle of joy melt into your arms is probably one of the most refined feelings. Tarishi Jain was busy enjoying the joys of motherhood when she realized that she misses her job. For someone who has always been an independent and headstrong person, taking a back seat wasn’t going well. It was one of these days when her mother-in-law came home with a present for the little one. This little hand-knitted frock marked the initiation of what we now know as Ms. Jain had learned the art of knitting and crocheting as a young girl and decided to turn a few pages in the past. 

She knit a few dresses for her daughter, which appealed to her close family and friends. She knit a few pieces here and there, which were a great hit, and she started receiving orders from more and more people. This increased demand gave her a push to look for women around her, who could not only knit but were also in need of regular work. By this time, the idea had expanded from handmade clothes to employment for women from different intersectionality. 

The culmination of happened in 2018. The start-up performed exceptionally well in their very first year and was highly applauded. Seeing the increase in demand, Tarishi’s husband Nivesh joined the business and quit his highly lucrative corporate job. The couple has been reaching out to Self Help Groups across States and providing them with raw material to work with. These women are remunerated right after the dress is finished, leaving no scope for any fear of not being paid. In a developing nation where work opportunities and decent pay for women are still among the most significant issues in the social fabric, both Tarishi and Nivesh have been empowering over 250+ artisan women throughout the Nation. 

Apart from this, also started another inhouse brand called Woonie, which is available on all marketplaces like Myntra Firstcry, Hopscotch, Ajio, NykaaFashion, Amazon and Flipkart. Brand Woonie is a mixture of two words – Wool + Genie and is dedicated to all the artisans who can crochet or knit a garment or an accessory with a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles in a moment like a genie. With aim to empower artisans across the nation, is looking for more women to connect with them.

An architect by education, Tarishi has never thought of setting up a Children’s apparel business, but as we know that ideas do change our lives. The company started and flourished in Sonipat though they ship all around the country. gets almost 4,000 orders a month and has been able to dress up over 20,000 children since its inception. The actual value is added by the women behind the operation of the company. Tarishi and Nivesh have made it a point to pay their artisans well and provide them with raw material at their doorstep to decrease the burden of artisan women. In financial year 2019-20, has had an annual turnover of Rs 1.04 Crore which rose to Rs. 2.45 crore in 2020-2021 despite a pandemic that affected all our lives drastically. The most beautiful part is that they kept so many women employed even during such testing times and made sure that the payment reached them regularly.

The true measure of a person’s character is always through their response to the grievances of their fellow mortals and through, Tarishi, and Nivesh have proved that there is hope after all. We have a generation of entrepreneurs who are also inclusive in their approach and have been trying to uplift people from different sections of society.

This story is written by Arshita Singh.

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