Limitless Imagination: IIT Alumnus’ Rare Idea Supports Over 100 Love-Making Positions

Very often, we come across many unique startup ideas and how they have been executed wonderfully. You might have read about many entrepreneurs and their ideas which are helping people at a large extent but this story is a bit different.

Ironically speaking, in a country that gave the world the Kama Sutra, even talking about love making and sexual relationships is considered as a taboo. Meet this 33-year-old IIT alumnus, entrepreneur Gaurav Singh who decided to bash all societal stereotypes and has launched India’s first love making furniture. Yes, you read it right.

“The idea was to come up with something that has both, love and design, art and science, cosmic and worldly,” Gaurav tells KenFolios in an exclusive interview.

The furniture, known as LoveRollers, is made to revolutionize love making. The product flaunts to be friendly with over 100 Kama Sutra positions.

Love for art and business

Gaurav hails from the city of Taj Mahal, a monument often looked at as epitome of love. He grew up amidst the beauty and romance of the city. The art and craftsmanship around instilled in him the love for designing.

He then took admission in IIT Delhi in industrial and production engineering where he designed many products. Later, he worked with many manufacturing companies. But something was holding him back. Gaurav wanted to experiment with his creativity and wanted to something of his own to generate employment. That was when he shifted his focus on business.

Birth of LoveRollers

After getting married, Gaurav missed that extra spark in his married life, as the experimentations with lovemaking were limited. To solve that problem, he made a pillow with scientific designing. However, the pillow had its limitations but not Gaurav’s imagination. That was when he decided to make lovemaking furnitures.

“Couples who live in joint families can’t enjoy love making, which is the right of every person. I wanted to make something which could eliminate this taboo and also add romance in their lives,” says Gaurav in a conversation with KenFolios.

After a lot of extensive research, calculation, designing, and tests, he came up with LoveRollers on March 1, 2018. LoveRoller is a furniture with combination of art and mathematics. He funded his startup with his savings and help from his friends and family.

Gaurav calls his design elements Curves of Seduction and has also formed a lover’s guide that comes with every LoveRollers.

Inspiration from the Kama Sutra

Gaurav took inspiration from the ancient Indian gyan of the Kama Sutra. LoveRollers allows you to try more than 100 Kama Sutra positions out of the 250 positions mentioned in the shastra.

They also provide a guide book to help the couples understand and know about the 100 plus positions that can be performed. Moreover, the furniture also helps in conceiving, during pregnancy, and helps women during painful menstruation.

“Every natural process is mathematically defined in nature. When we talk about Deep Lovemaking, it requires perfect mathematical calculations for providing deep penetration,” says Gaurav.

However, he had to face many challenges. “We used to get feedback from people saying parents k saath rehte hain toh kaise rakhenge. It is because we have made it such a big issue that we can not even talk about it openly,” he tells.

Variants and designs of LoveRollers

Gaurav wanted to use one fit for all approach, and took crunched through a lot of user’s data for the designing bit. Extensive research went on the higher and lower arc that gives deep and powerful thrusting during lovemaking. It also provides robust support to the back and neck of both the partners.

“The central contour is the also an important aspect of our design. This is the region that tilts your pelvis upwards, increasing the chance of conception for the couples planning a family. LoveRollers is scientifically and mathematically designed to provide the Curve of Seduction,” he says.

LoveRollers is currently available in three models, a standard variant, a mini version to save space, and a convertible version with plug and play feature. The convertible version is like a couch to save people from the embarrassment of lovemaking. It can be split into two elegant couches at the press of a button, which when plugged in, can be assembled back and acts like a LoveRoller.

Cost and market size

The product comes in basic, premium, and elite series and is reasonably placed, if compared with a new piece of furniture. 

Gaurav is targeting both B2B and B2C audience. B2C includes married couples, lovers, pregnant women, and also for people who need a resting couch. Whereas, B2B includes hotels, honeymoon suites, SPA centres, and sexologists to recommend their customers for lovemaking and pregnancy.

“Global sexual wellness industry is expected to cross $ 52 billion mark by year 2020. India being the fifth most sexually active country in the world is already an untapped market of $ 450 million,” he tells.

Currently, Gaurav has five people in his team. In one month, they have delivered around 60 pieces. His company is the first and only manufacturer in this category in India and plans to expand his business by the end of this year.

In a country where people still believe in closeted lovemaking culture, Gaurav is bringing in a big change. KenFolios wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.

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