Marvelous: Mompreneur Chose Women Empowerment Over A Lucrative Banking Career

A nurturing childhood, a glorious career, and a quality life with your near and dear ones is something that can infuse happiness in one’s life, but what about the problems of others living in the same world? Is it possible for us to live a truly happy life when there are plentiful of deprived people around us? The realization of doing something impactful for society after securing an accomplished life for self is motivating people to take up social entrepreneurship – Chhavi Singh of ‘DailyDesignist’ is one such example.

Belonging to the cultural capital of India – Varanasi, Chhavi worked with investment banks like UBS, Morgan Stanley for almost a decade. After settling in the United States with her family, she decided to become a mompreneur and start her own business. Unlike many others, doing something impactful was a priority for her instead of plain profit-orientation. After exploring a pool of ideas to finalize that one meaningful idea that could really drive her to do excellent, Chhavi decided to work for women’s artists across the world.

Chhavi’s past experience of working with large multinational corporations helped her find the best business idea. Her research helped her realize the underlying problem of the difficulties faced by great women artists to commercially establish themselves despite their talent. Chhavi perceived that the number of professional women artists is far less(45% of total) if compared to the actual women enrollment in fine arts colleges(75% of total), also, the number of women artists in the top pyramid of 25 is almost zero – the statistics moved Chhavi and she decided that her startup will work on the underlying problem by creating a tech savvy, digital platform for women artists across the world.

In the year 2018, Chhavi established her platform ‘DailyDesignist’ from the United States. In the past two years, DailyDesignist has 400+ women artists from more than 16 nations. Their artists include working women to stay-at-home mothers who showcase their original work on the artisan marketplace provided by DailyDesignist. Another key business strategy for the startup is its unique online teaching offerings for kids (above 4 years) and adults which provide another revenue stream for women artists to teach arts/Indian folk art to the kids, provide art therapy to adults and charge a monthly subscription fee. The startup has also launched its free mobile apps (for art lovers) for iOS and Android devices making it possible for them to access their services and products at their fingertips.

In a conversation with KenFolios, Chhavi discussed about their future plans. In Q1’21 – DailyDesignist is launching another product line called ” Art Wearables”. It means handpainted folk arts on the dress, accessories and jewelery. Platform’s women artsits will be making visual arts attractive and appealing by converting day to day stuff into beautiful story telling pieces. Those will be heritage wears and timeless treasures with Indian folk arts painted on it.

Despite having accomplished all the happy-elements one craves for, in their lives, Chhavi’s decision to work for women artists through her social startups is indicative of the societal evolution. The unfolding of a new trend motivating individuals to work for the happiness of others around us despite having accomplished for themselves will eventually make this world a happy place and, people like Chhavi Singh of Daily designs will be one the pioneers of this trend.

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