Motherhood Made Her A Mompreneur – Now Helping Thousands Of Other Women With Her Idea

Motherhood, otherwise a beautiful phase of a woman’s life, is the prime cause preventing them from a career. Coequally, time demands more and more women to contribute to societal growth by participating in economic activities. An equal and progressive society is no more a ‘rocket science,’ courtesy of women like Sonia Chawla of Mommywize, an early-stage startup making motherhood a pleasant experience.

Sonia, a former corporate boss, started her career right after graduating. Unlike many others, she did not go to a fancy MBA school and paid enormously to secure a good job but started working as a corporate executive in 2000. Sonia also completed her post-graduation while working. The work-and-learn model helped her command a variety of managerial skills instead of mastery at one-thing and helped her climb the corporate ladder, from executive to middle-management, the to the top.

In the year 2008, sensing the up-gradation needed, Sonia took a sabbatical to do a crash-course in digital marketing. After the sabbatical, she rejoined her corporate journey but kept studying digital marketing through YouTube tutorials. In the year 2015, Sonia took a career break on account of her marriage followed by motherhood. By 2018, as a mother, she realized that a busy corporate life is not possible along with true motherhood.  Sonia decided to pursue entrepreneurship and do something of her own – something that would allow financial independence and motherhood, both at once.

Sonia’s nuclear family structure distanced her from the support of other elderly women of the family during her motherhood. She did a lot of research about motherhood on her own and attained quintessential knowledge about becoming a mother and raising kids. Her learning during motherhood, combined with her corporate experience, and her digital skills, aided the inception of “Mommywize’.

Making proper use of her social media skills, Sonia built Mommywize’s early audience through a Facebook community. The initial response was enough to make her perceive that she is not the only woman facing motherly-difficulties. Her community soon grew to have more than 5000 members. Initial response strengthened her belief in the business idea, and soon she got her ex-boss to invest and become a business partner.

“We endeavour to provide the  right and timely   information, support  advice, and opportunities to help  eliminate unnecessary pressure by recognizing Mom’s true priorities and helping them gather all the joy and goodness along the way,” Sonia told KenFolios.

With a very lean team of full-time team members and mostly freelancers onboard, Sonia’s Mommywize platform is all set to scale to new heights. Mommywize’s website is currently publishing in 45 different categories providing handy information related to motherhood – right from conceiving to raising the kids, the platform shares all sorts of knowledge. The live sessions hosted by Sonia, help members gain useful information from other moms and experts. She has also started monetizing the effort through paid-collaborations with a few relevant brands. The company is also planning to venture into e-commerce to scale manifolds.

Though in its early stage, Mommywize is one of those futuristic startups shaping the societal transformation by making motherhood a pleasant experience for new-age mothers. From starting as a corporate executive and rising to top management, to commencing her entrepreneurial journey with a wonderful thought, Sonia’s career has always been about using experience-based learning to create value and to add value to the lives of others around.

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