Motoring A Revolution Without Fuel: EMotorad Is Set To Transform Our Everyday Commuting

We have had iconic business persons, but nowadays we have entrepreneurs – what’s the basic difference?

The fundamental dissimilarity between a businessperson and an entrepreneur is about solving a problem. Businesspersons are more into making money, while entrepreneurs are more about solving a problem. But when we talk about solving a problem, how about solving the greatest problem humanity is facing at present time – the environmental challenges!

Led by their zestful CEO Kunal Gupta, Pune-based e-bike company ‘EMotorad’ is intending to solve the biggest problem for us today. With their unique range of multipurpose e-bikes, EMotorad is giving us a healthy, environment-friendly, futuristic, and economical way of commuting.

Kunal’s entrepreneurial journey started in an attempt to solve the problem of commuting while he studied his masters’ in Pune, a city not equipped with efficient public transport. Kunal and his two friends started renting-out motorbikes to their fellow students and made decent profits. After completing their studies the team crossed paths with ONN bikes.

After a bumpy yet accomplished journey of four years, Kunal took an exit from ONN bikes in 2020 – with intentions to work on something new and challenging. However, his stint with ONN was really fulfilling successful – ONN did really well and also secured several funding rounds.

In the year 2020, Kunal joined hands with Rajib Gangopadhyay, founder of Emotorad. Rajib holds the first Indian HSN code generated for e-bikes – entitling him to be recognized as the pioneer of e-bikes in India. Under his leadership, EMotorad designed 34 possible models of e-bikes and discussed them with experts from the industry to chose the best five.

“The e-bike phenomena started in Europe years ago and many of the European nations pay their citizens for using e-bikes – that’s reverse taxation to power a change,” Rajib Told KenFolios

Currently, EMotorad is offering five different models starting from entry-level e-bikes to premium e-bikes and goods delivery e-bikes. All the bikes are made up of high-quality material and offer a hybrid experience with three operating modes. The only pedal mode allows the bike to be used as a bicycle, while the pedal-assist mode uses battery power to propel the movement. The only throttle mode uses only the battery to power the movement and converts the bike into a motorcycle.

All EMotorad bikes have one battery (with charging indicators) that takes 2.5 to 4 hours to charge completely. The bikes can travel up to 60km in a single charge and come with an assurance of 1000 charging cycles – calculating to approximately three years of warranty. At a price tag of Rs 35k to 70k, EMotorad promises a sensible commuting solution.

“The Covid-19 pandemic concerned us as we were planning for high sales volume during Diwali, but with an increased health apprehension, we almost went out of inventory with a sale of 1200 bikes in just 45 days,” Kunal told KenFolios

Amidst the global environmental crisis and a once-in-a-century pandemic situation, EMotorad e-bikes appear to be a smart multipurpose commuting solution. EMotorad bikes are capped at a speed of 25 km/hour to make them compliant with Indian laws, however, the company is in talks with authorities to frame laws and guidelines of the e-bike revolution in India.

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