Must Read: Dairy Farming, Buffalo Breeding Made This Civil Engineer A Millionaire

The true strength of India lies in its villages. If we want our country to progress, then we must first look at the development and modernization of our villages. Unfortunately, very little has been done in this area since India’s independence. There are, however, some people who bring about remarkable development in the villages and transformed them into ideal modern villages through their individual efforts. Baljit Singh Redhu, a civil engineer of Jind, Haryana, is someone who has brought huge change in villages around him.

Baljit presented a wonderful example on importance of the village livestock and in just seven years, and became a millionaire with the help of milk trading. Once started with 10 buffaloes, Baljit now owns a dairy company with annual turnover of Rs 150 crore.

Born in Jind district of Haryana, Baljit, 51, studied civil engineering but always had the dream of becoming a successful businessman. With this thought, he started a poultry farming business and then shifted to dairy business in 2006. He named his farm Black Gold and started the business with 10 famous Muharra buffaloes in Punjab and Haryana. He gives all credit for his success to these buffaloes. He believes that the dairy farmers today are too much obsessed with foreign breeds and are ignoring our own native breeds.

Currently, the price of Murrah buffalo is in lakhs and Baljit himself sold one Murrah buffalo for Rs 11 lakh just two months ago. He is constantly working for the protection of this breed and has been quite successful in doing so. Besides making profits in his own business, Baljit also has the aim to provide employment to more and more youths of Haryana. So, he has started a milk plant in Jind, which is connected to 14,000 nearby milk producers. Fine varieties of fodder are also provided to the farmers with modern testing equipment and 40-50 people are available at all times to provide information and facilities to the milk producers.

They have 120 milk booths, and more than 300 milk collection centers across Haryana. Their products include milk, curd, cheese, ice cream, ghee, butter, and sweets. These products are sold under the brand name Lakshya Food. At present, the company’s production capacity is 1.5 lakh liters of milk per day. To maintain its quality, the company has packaged its products using tetrapack technology.

Today, Baljit has some of the big brands as his clients including Mother Dairy, Garden Dairies, Taj Group, The Aroma, Gopal Sweets, Sindhi Sweets, and Chandigarh Group of Colleges. In addition to its milk products, Baljit has also opened a breeding center for Murrah buffalo and Holstein cows, where the advanced techniques are used to breed them. These calves are then sold all over the country.

Baljit has a dream that he would practice dairy farming using Murrah buffaloes in Haryana in such a way that their names will be known around the world as milk producers. He wants the culture of Haryana to be known in the name of milk and curd throughout the world. He is successful to a great extent in realizing his dream, which once seemed impossible. He achieved all his success through hard work and dedication. When there is a will there is always a way.

According to the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) report, the yearly demand for milk in India is expected to reach 200 million tonnes by 2020. In this scenario, there is immense potential for new entrepreneurs in this sector. Hopefully, young generation will get the required inspiration from people like Baljit Singh.

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