Need Courage To Take Bold Decisions In Life? Read How 2 Young Girls Saved 30 Dying Villagers

It takes a lot of courage to jump in danger to help others, which only people with brave nerves can do. The morning of July 10, 2017, saw an unprecedented start when the Hatilung town in Upper Assam’s Lakhimpur region experienced flood. Water had covered the houses and people were trying to save themselves and their loved ones.

While some were trying to accumulate their personal belongings, others were clueless as to what to do. In such distressed scenario, two young girls not just saved themselves but went ahead to help other people as well. Pinki Gogoi and Puja Gogoi saved 30 lives from the flood, putting their own lives in danger.

An unforeseen event

At 6 am, water had covered a height of three feet and by 10 am, it had touched people’s waists, rising further, and the current becoming constantly stronger. The crops and houses went invisible, deep inside the water, leaving more than 600 people stranded.

Pinki and Puja, both friends, had a stable way out through the situation. They decided to rescue other people with the help of a bamboo raft. They had learnt the art of rowing a banana raft since childhood. On the other hand, Pinki’s father Shishu Ram and brother Nipon were setting tents in safe clearing zones, beyond houses that no longer existed.

“Four to five people can get onto a plantain raft. I saw Mridu aunty and Sarumai aunty dangerously wading and so I asked them to get on our raft. It is always safe to sit on the raft as it helps to maintain balance in the current,” 22-year-old Pinki told a website.

Nearly 100 families from the three villages spent three days in a roadside tent, as their houses were still under water.

Cause of the flood

The entire water mishap happened because of the sudden surge in the water level, which rose to 10 feet, breaking the dike of the Ranganadi dam in Arunachal Pradesh. The embankment protected three villages namely Hatilung, Bogolijan, and Boalmari. That was the reason Pinki and Puja were prepared for such situation.

“Despite the fact that we don’t have surges each year, she (Pinki) was observer to the serious surges in 2008 and the general population’s sufferings. This likely urged her to help other people this time,” said Pinki’s father Shishu Ram.

The courageous act of these two girls shows that thinking for others in an emergency situation like this definitely requires sound mind and a heroic approach. There’s a lot more in this instance to gain inspiration from. KenFolios salutes their act of gallantry.

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