Not Just Poverty, This STD 11 Passed Man Also Defeated Disability and Built Million Dollar Business

Who said that you can not dance without your feet? Or you can not play? Or can not live a complete, successful and happy life? If you have any doubts, we bring you the story of a man whose determination and courage proved that physical disabilities cannot stop anyone from achieving their dreams. His success will also provide a ray of hope to all those people who buried their dreams under unfortunate and sorry circumstances in life.

We are talking about one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Surat, Gujarat Kalpesh Chaudhary. It is truly inspirational the way Kalpesh has made a mark in the business world by defeating his physical disabilities. However, this man had faced countless obstacles right from his childhood before attaining such heights.

When Kalpesh was only 5-month-old, he became afflicted with a prolonged illness. He was bedridden and fought the illness for months. During this time he became a victim of polio. He was already physically weak and this allowed the polio virus to grip his little body. Unfortunately, he had to lose one leg. Polio had snatched Kalpesh’s ability to walk but failed to put a dent on his confidence and determination. From early childhood, Kalpesh had developed the ability to fight against all odds and challenges in life and kept on moving ahead despite the difficulties.

Quit School Because Of Poverty

Kalpesh understood at an early age that to move forward in life he needs to have solid foundation education. But his father, who ran a small business, was the sole earning member in his family. Ever since he was little, he began helping his father in the business alongside his studies. But before Kalpesh turned 18, his father died.

The death of his father came as a big shock to the family. As the eldest son, all the responsibilities of the family came on Kalpesh. It was a situation when he had to make tough calls and he decided to leave his studies and pursue his father’s business. At that time there were numerous challenges and difficulties in front of this teenaged boy. On one hand, he was unable to walk, then on the other he had to establish the business which was on the verge of shutting down. He was also staring at his sister’s marriage, brother’s education, and the overall burden of the family.

Transforming Into Crorepati

Kalpesh wanted to do something new to take ahead his father’s business. He first decided to review the market for potential business ideas and started learning the vital tricks of running a business successfully. He started the business of diamond supply on a very small scale and gradually made it big. Today, Kalpesh’s diamond trading business has its annual turnover in several crores. This in itself is a great and unique success.

Kalpesh is living a happy family life with all the comforts. He is now  a married ma and has two children. Kalpesh went through many challenges and difficulties for his disability which inspired him to start a social organization for the welfare of these people. His determination, perseverance, and will power has made him successful and inspiration to many.

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