Once Sold Juice With His Father, Created A Music Company Worth Millions

Today we are presenting the success story of a man who is well-known to most of us, but very few people know about his struggling days. We are talking about Gulshan Kumar, the founder of T-Series, one of the biggest music company in India. Although Gulshan Kumar is no more, his success as a businessman is still discussed with great passion.

Gulshan Kumar was born into a poor Punjabi family in Delhi. From early childhood, Gulshan used to assist his father in his juice shop. As he grew up he became interested in business. At the age of 23, he began working towards starting a business of his own. He took over a shop with the help of his family and started selling audio cassettes. Gulshan introduced his business of audio cassettes to his customers as “Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.”

Gulshan Kumar started recording original songs from singers and sold them at low prices. He used to sell those duplicate cassettes at Rs 15 while the price of the original ones was Rs 28. In the 70s, the demand for his cassettes increased rapidly. Around this time he also launched a series of devotional songs. He himself sang many devotional songs which are still very popular. Gradually, he became one of the successful businessmen in the music industry.

After a developing a strong hold in the world of audio cassettes he turned towards the film industry. He then started producing films and serials revolving around Hindu mythology, apart from the music and Bollywood films. When he was earning handsomely he shocked everyone by donating a part of his income to social and religious organizations.

Thanks to his intrinsic interest in religion he started organizing bhandara (free meal service) for the devotees at Vaishno Devi in Kashmir. According to reports, when Abu Salem had asked for a ransom of Rs 5 lakh per month, Gulshan Kumar started utilizing money equal to the ransom amount at bhandara instead.

Gulshan Kumar was assassinated outside Jiteshwar Mahadev Temple in South Andheri, Mumbai on August 12, 1997. He was shot when he went to the temple to offer prayers. Then his son Bhushan Kumar took over the company at the age of 19. His daughter Tulsi Kumar is a well-known playback singer. Today T-Series is one of the largest music industry in India.

Apart from Kumar’s business success, his devotion towards religion and well-being of people is an inspiration for the younger generation.

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