Quit Graduation Midway For Beekeeping, Now Does Yearly Turnover Of Over A Million

There was a time when the beekeeping business or honey production in India was limited only to hilly areas. Although many farmers from other parts of the country also practiced beekeeping but those were done in small scales to meet their personal needs. But with changing times, farmers from different parts of India are embracing this business and making good money.

These farmers are further encouraging and inspiring others to enter this lucrative field. Ramesh Ranjan is one such successful beekeeper from Bihar who started off small but gradually became one of the leading beekeepers of the country. He is currently supplying honey to several cities in India and you will not believe that this 35-year-old earns more than Rs 15 lakh annually from his business.

Ramesh was fortunate to be born into a financially sound family. His father was a government employee and like many other parents he wanted his son to pursue his career in government sector. To fulfill his father’s dream, Ramesh studied hard and completed his schooling with flying colors before enrolling for BCom. However, his career took a different shape when he became interested in beekeeping.

He left his graduation midway and started beekeeping with only five bee boxes. At present, he has 700 bee boxes in which one box gives him an average of 60 to 80 kg honey in a year. He had also planted varied flowers and trees for the bees.

Ramesh also uses online marketing to promote his business which is an advanced marketing strategy that was never tried before by this industry. This strategy enabled Ramesh to connect with far away customers. He even sells honey to South Indian states from his Bihar farm. Given the growing demands, he is soon planning to set up an automatic honey processing plant and also looking to launch their own brand of honey.

There is no doubt that honey production is a good option for the farmers. Today, Bihar has emerged as the second largest producer of honey in India and youngsters like Ramesh Ranjan have played a big role in this achievement. He has not only made himself a successful businessman but also encouraged many farmers to enter this profitable trade.

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