Quit Rs 15,000-Job To Work On His Idea, Earned Rs 5.5 Lakh-Profit In Just 3 Months!

Everyone wants to be successful in life but not everybody can put in the hardwork and determination required to achieve it. If they cannot defeat the obstacles in their path, people veil their failure behind the tag of fate. But remember that if done with dedication, nothing is impossible in this world. If your dreams are big, then you have to take risks in life too, just like the hero of this story.

Dhanprakash Sharma left his private job where he earned Rs 15,000 to chase his dreams and ended up creating a business empire in the field of agriculture worth millions. A resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli, Dhanprakash started working in the private sector after completing his bachelors degree. However, he always had a desire to start his own business.

His marketing job took him to far-flung villages which opened a whole new world for him. He took a close look at the farmers’ suffering and decided to do something in the agriculture sector. Coming from a rural background helped him understand the issues farmers face and he tried to come up with unique solutions for their problems. After due consideration he realized that it was time for him to big goodbye to his 12-year-old job. He joined government’s initiative agri clinic agri business centre and underwent a two month-long training which proved to be life changing for Dhanprakash. 

In 2015, he secured a bank loan and laid foundation for his company Pashupati Agrotech. Initially, they made low-cost machinery but later, driven by market demand, they started to produce a machine named napsak sprayer used to spray pesticides on crops. This machine became very popular because of its utility and reaped a profit of Rs 5.5 lakh within just three months of company’s inception. The machines cost anywhere between Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,000.

“We understood farmer’s need and built a battery-operated sprayer that reduces their lobor,” Dhanprakash told.

Once again proving his mettle, Dhanprakash came up with a sprayer that can be attached to tractor and costs Rs 36,000. The business that started off as a risk is today spread across four states and is clocking a turnover of approximately Rs 1 crore. But this is not it. This determined entrepreneur wishes to ride on latest technology and expand his business in areas, too.

The man who once worked for a salary of Rs 10,000-15,000 is now a successful entrepreneur and an inspiration to others. If he hadn’t taken the risk of quitting his job he wouldn’t establish himself as an employer today. His success today motivates others around him to move forward with their goals.

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