One Man – A Ph.D., LLB, B.Tech, And MBA; Quit 24 Lac Corporate Job For Farming, Earned 2 Crores

Making a career decision is one of the most important tasks one has to do in their lifetime. We work extremely hard to earn fancy degrees that can polish our skills and make us eligible for high-paying jobs. But, what if one realizes that their inner-self is not content despite achieving everything to be recognized as a successful person? Such a person will be a successful person for the world, yet an unhappy one. At such time, one has to take a calculated risk, be confident, and explore something that soothes your inner-self. The story of Chattisagarh’s Sachin is a living example of how one can quit a successful career to chase inner-peace and do better than their previous work.

Sachin Kale, hailing from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, was born and raised in a typical middle-class Indian family. His family ensured that he gets quality education and, Sachin too did extremely well with academics. He got his B.Tech from Nagpur University in the year 2003. While pursuing engineering, he also got an MBA(Finance) from Yashwantrao Chavan. Sachin soon got a job at NTPC(Sipat), his hometown.

 In the year 2007, Sachin switched to Techro Systems LTD for a better package. Throughout this phase of life, Sachin’s goal was to get the highest paying job, like anyone else of his age. Sachin also continued his studies parallelly and got an LLB from Guru Ghasidas University and a Ph.D in Management from Nagpur University. His fancy degrees secured him a high paying job with Punj Lloyd, Gurugram where he earned a package of Rs 24 lac. His life was progressive the way he desired and he had all the luxury the one expects.

While working and living at Gurugram, Sachin often visited his hometown Bilaspur. His family was happy with everything he accomplished but his grandfather always told him to do something of social importance. Sachin’s grandfather, who started farming post-retirement,  also told him that the farming industry will never die. It was doing his Ph.D., Sachin first perceived his inner-desire to work for himself, however, he ignored the possibility as he was well placed, even so, the thought of working for self lingered in his mind throughout. Finally, in the year 2014, he decided to start his own business. 

It was while doing the initial research, Sachin kept thinking back to his grandfather’s firm belief about farming. He decided to become a farmer and informed his family about his daring decisions. His father was not convinced with his decision to become a farmer but allowed to listen to the inner calling. Sachin then registered his company ‘Innovative Agrilife Solutions Private Limited’. In the year 2015, he took the biggest risk of his life and quit his high paying job with Punj Lloyd.

Since then, Sachin took farming full-fledged and did everything that a normal farmer does – from plying tractor on his ancestral farmland to researching and selecting crops, he did everything. Having a strong academic record, Sachin did quality research about farming techniques. Sachin observed revolutionary results from his techniques and soon appointed consultants to offer farming advice to other farmers. In a time span of just two years, as many as 70 farmers collaborated with Sachin’s company which took his annual revenue to Rs 2 cr – eight times of what he earned from his high paying job.

Sachin too a risky decision – despite being highly qualified, he decided to become a farmer – jeopardized his career. But the decision proved to be a calculated risk and did magic. Sachin not only earned more than his corporate job but also attained inner peace. His company helps many other farmers earn more from their activity and Sachin commands huge respect in the farmer’s fraternity. His success makes him believe that someday, his company will be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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