Rags To Riches: 100-Million-Club Is The Next Dream Of This Small-Town Guy

Having faced quite a lot challenges in life, this small-town guy from Akola stood against all odds and wrote his own classic, rags-to-riches story. A boy who once starved for food, with his never-give-up attitude, is today a wealthy Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).

Born and brought up in a poverty-struck family, Sachin Karate‘s childhood was miserably plagued by starvation; of stomach and otherwise. Years back, the family of seven constantly struggled for food and shelter. Sachin attended his school; barefooted a few days and empty stomach the rest of the time. The school was 10 km away from his home and peace of mind was also a far-fetched idea in those days.

After finishing his secondary education 16-year-old Sachin moved to Nashik looking for a job. After a series of difficulties, he became a waiter at a local restaurant and started earning Rs 1,700 monthly against cleaning the floor and utensils. After a few years, with the help of a friend, Sachin started selling insurance scheme in 2004.

While working with the insurance company, he priortised gaining trust of people as a dependable broker. He managed to earn merely Rs 2,100-worth commission. Taking a leaf out of his childhood days, he started spending all his money on buying books, acquiring knowledge and enrolling himself for various courses.

I was working very hard to get out of my conditions. I kept on learning and working on myself and one fine day, I hammered the final nail. It was the time time quit so I made the choice and started working as a full-time insurance consultant.

In 2007, Sachin purchased an office with the help of bank loans and started promoting his insurance business.

“I remember I spent Rs 12,000 on setting up stall in various exhibitions to attract customers. To expand further, he took up mutual fund advisory in 2008 and managed to attract some 200 clients including 10 HNI clients.

Today, Sachin Karate is dealing in crores but hasn’t stopped dreaming yet. The next he wants is to enter the ‘100 million-club’ in terms of business turnover. All the very best, Sachin! See you at the top.

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