Rags-To-Riches: From Mechanic To The Owner Of 22 Apartments In Burj Khalifa

This story revolves around a man who once was mechanic, but became one of the largest private owners within the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure. This Kerala based mechanic-turned-businessman owns an incredible 22 apartments in the famous Burj Khalifa.

George V Nereaparambi was born and grew up in a poor farmer family in the Indian state of Kerala. He was the eldest son and fourth among 11 siblings. At the tender age of 11, he began assisting his father in his traditional family business related to cash crops trading in Trichur.

George has always been a dreamer and a visionary since childhood. Farmers in their village used to trade cotton, but they’d throw away the cotton seeds. Not many people knew that it is possible to make gum from those seeds. George too this advantage and started his own business of gum production.

In 1976, He landed in the Arabian Gulfin and started working as mechanic in automobile sector, where he realised the huge scope for an air conditioning business in the hot climate of the desert. This made him think of developing a business related to cooling solutions. In 1977, he quit the job and started his own business which later becomes the GEO Group of companies. GEO Group’s presence now extends far beyond the Gulf into other countries across the Globe.

One fine day during a visit to Burj Khalifa, one of his relative jokingly told him “See this Burj Khalifa, you cannot enter it“, that struk his mind. And today he is the proud owner of 22 flats in the world’s tallest structure.

George’s dream project is to link all the rivers that crisscross Kerala and he is completely dedicated towards this.

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