Rajasthan Duo’s Organic Health And Wellness Company Makes Rs 10 Crore Turnover Amid COVID Pandemic

Health has become the most crucial currency in the era of the covid-19 pandemic. When the world realized how much immunity matters for overall well being, Rajasthan’s Satish Raghav and Karan Singh Tomar recognized the value of healthy and clean living over a decade earlier. In 2010, the duo started a health and wellness company with their belief and sole objective of making India healthy and toxins-free.

The company successfully and remarkably made over Rs 10 crore turnover during the covid-19 pandemic.

The journey to significant achievements starts with a great plan and a fruitful objective or goal. Satish, a warehouse business owner, and Karan, an engineer, were thriving in their fields. Satish owned around 80 hectares of ancestral farmland, and the duo was constantly working to make its best use. After conducting deep planning and research, in 2014, Satish and Karan founded their company with the mentorship of Mr. Rattan Pal Singh. With their utmost determination and dedication to making India healthy and chemicals-free. They named their company ‘NutriOrg’ which depicts ‘Nutrition with organics.’ There they started with a mission to make their dream come to life – ‘Healthy India, organic India.’

NutriOrg initially started with an investment of Rs 1 crore & merely launched 3-4 products and; this has since expanded to over 100 products bought by customers in India and across the globe in 18 countries through their offline and online e-commerce websites.

Karan adds, “Practically every shop that sells health and wellness products stocks NutriOrg products too.”

When being asked about what makes their company stand out compared to other organic brands, Karan explains: “Every ingredient, be it herbs, fruits or crops, that goes into making the NutriOrg products are grown on our organic farm, which ensures that the quality is always up to par. Everything is natural and organic.” They firmly commit to the premium quality they are offering to their customers.

Before the pandemic, NutriOrg was serving a niche audience and churning around Rs. 4 crore turnover a year. Still, the pandemic made the importance of taking care of one’s health and building immunity more urgent than ever. Karan says, “It is miserable that the coronavirus pandemic wrecked India and the world, but it has made people realize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Now with a significant shift to boost immunity and to pay more attention to battering health, customers are eager to buy organic products and seek us out; earlier, we would have to do the chasing to raise awareness.” The company’s sales increased by more than double, and in 2021 the company’s turnover skyrocketed to Rs 10.9 crore.

Karan adds how the brand had a monthly customer count of around 15,000, and now they cater to over 2 lakh customers. Their mission is not only to increase sales but to make people more aware and responsible towards their health.

Talking about their vision to grow Nutriorg, Karan also adds that at NutriOrg, they try to generate as much employment as possible, giving villagers jobs based on their skills, starting from the farms to different departments in the company. He says, “We have provided jobs to about 200 families from the villages. We believe this is one of our biggest achievements so far, and we will continue to hire more people from the villages as we expand.” They strongly believe in women-oriented employment, and around 80% of their employees are women. Channeling and supporting women’s talents & dreams is what they trust is the enormous wealth for their company.

The company has won many prestigious awards, including the Iconic Brand Of The Year by Blossom Media, MSME 5000 Indian Wads (excellence in quality), India Food Safety Summit & Awards 2019 (emerging nutrition company). Karan acknowledges that this wouldn’t be possible without the 120 employees that contribute to NutriOrg. He salutes the unsung heroes of Nutriorg and pays his absolute respect for their support throughout this remarkable journey.

Talking about where they see their brand in the future, Satish and Karan hope to boost sales and increase the turnover to Rs. 100 crore in the coming two to four years. Satish shares, “We want India to be healthier, and that’s why we are in the process of producing more and more products that are nutritious and organic, and that benefit not only those who consume it but also the land they have grown.”

This story is submitted by Bilal Khan and edited by Alfea Shaikh.

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