Returned To India With His Unique Technique, Now Produces 500 Tonnes Vegetables In Just 20 Acres

Indian talent is found everywhere in the world. Be it United States’ reputed space agency NASA, multinational companies like Microsoft, Google, and many others to name. There prevailed a trend of talented Indians going abroad to make a dream career. However, times are changing and many Indians are setting a new trend to come back to their roots and utilize their talent here in India – to make a great career for themselves and serve the people of their own nation. Sachin Dabarwar and Shweta Dabarwar of Simply Fresh is such a prominent example.

Sachin Lived a quality life in Australia for almost 18 years but longed to come back to India and do something in his homeland. During his stay in Australia, Sachin curiously studied farming technologies used in developed nations. It was a time when novel technologies like Hydroponics and Aeroponics were evolving. However, the use of such technologies on a large scale was not easy.

Sachin researched his own techniques of understanding the needs of a plant and complemented the existing Hydroponics practices to hatch his own. His technique involved a precise study of the nutritional needs of each species of plants on one hand and automating the support infrastructure to precisely control the farm on a large scale. His early research was precious but yet to yield results – it was quintessential for Sachin to try his techniques in reality. He decided to set up his farming business but surprisingly for others, he decided to set up his farm in India instead of Australia.

In the year 2013, Sachin started his company Simply Fresh with a small 10 acres of the farm. Sachin along with his wife closely studied the environmental conditions and defined the nutritional requirement of the plants grown on his farm. His techniques were successful since their early days but producing a similar result at a commercial scale was extremely challenging. Sachin did a lot of hard work to automate the process of Hydropinocally growing the plants. Efforts proved ‘Fruitful’ when his farm started producing a uniform quality of a huge scale.

After the initial success and strengthening of his belief in his own business model, Sachin realized that it is time to scale by involving other partners. He soon started to reach out to private equity investors and raised funds for the next phase of his operations. Since then there is no looking back – Sachin has continuously maintained a balance between innovation and scaling. His techniques are yielding 500 tonnes of produce in just 20 acres of land. Simply Fresh has also framed a network of supply chains to make their products available in modern retail and online stores.

Simply Fresh is producing exotic flowers, vegetables, and medicinal plants on their farms and inside their greenhouses. They are very keen to ensure that their technologies are sustainable. A man-made water tank stores water that is carefully supplied to plants as per the exact need along with the precisely provided nutrition. Unlike many other modern farms, Simply Fresh’s greenhouses electrically powered airconditioners or chemical cooling techniques, they instead use the elevated roof, completely retractable structures, UV shields, and airways to regulate the temperature. Another interesting thing about Simply Fresh is that they allow consumers to trace their products with a QR code that can be scanned to fetch a timeline of the product since it was sown till packaging.

Since its launch in 2013, Simply Fresh has emerged as one of the prominent precision farming companies in India. Their exceptional work got them a huge number of consumers and many awards like the CMO Best Brand Of Telangana 2020 Award. Sachin Dabarwars story not just another success story but a tale of entrepreneurship with societal benefit.

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