Science Lover Couldn’t Afford College But Now His Innovations Have Global Demand

All great achievers in life have made it because of their determination, commitment, and hard work. Everyone has the ability to work hard, but the difference between someone mediocre and someone who has achieved greatness is the determination and drive they put into what they do.

Today’s story is of a revolutionary man from Assam with around 140 innovations to his well-known name. Meet Uddhab Kumar Bharali, a farmer cum innovator who is revolutionizing agriculture and inspiring many through his incredible innovations. He is a serial innovator like no other.

Born into a middle-class business family in North Lakhimpur District of Assam, this wonder kid was  academically bright and was indeed born to shine. He was double-promoted twice! Once from STD 1 to 3, and then again from STD 6 to 8.

Mathematics was his favourite subject, he was able to solve some of the toughest sums of STD 11 and 12 while he was in STD 8. After finishing school from Lakhimpur at 14, Uddhab decided to take admission in the Jorhat Engineering College. But he had to drop out of engineering college because he could not afford the fees. His family was struggling to make ends meet like it was a new war everyday.

When Uddhab’s family was in debt, he decided to start a polyethene making business. But buying a polythene making machine worth Rs 5 lakh was impossible, so he designed and made his own machine for just Rs 67,000. The success of his machine boosted Uddhab’s confidence, and enabled him to repay all debts. This was the beginning and since then, there has been no looking back for him and the list of his innovations kept on increasing.

As the only earning member, Uddhab knew that it was up to him to take care of his family, he decided not only to earn enough to sustain his family, but also to help restore the lives of others living below the poverty line. With this vision in mind, he started inventing products to serve agriculture sector, rural public and for commercial purposes as well.

Once a college dropout, Uddhab now has a pomegranate de-seeder, a portable peeling cassava, a mechanized weeding machine, garlic peeling machine, tobacco leaf cutter, paddy thresher, cane stripping machine, brass utensil polish machine, musli peeling machine, trench digger, fisheries feed and many more to his name.

However, one of his most famous and inventive creations is the pomegranate de-seeder. The simple little machine separates the outer cover and thin inner membrane of the fruit, without damaging the seeds within. The device is very effective since it can work on 50-55 kgs of pomegranates per hour! With such a capacity, it is no wonder that the de-seeder has a great demand even abroad.

Uddhab’s cement brick-making machine is another marvel that can be operated by anyone, including people with physical impairments. His favourite among his inventions is a device that helps people with disabilities to eat and clean themselves.

Off course, Uddhab’s serial innovations haven’t gone unrewarded. He was entered into an online voting competition for the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal, for his pomegranate de-seeder. In 2007, he bagged Shristi Samman Award, while in 2009, he was chosen for the President’s Grassroots Innovation Award. He was also the proud winner of NASA Tech’s ‘Create the Future Design Contest’ (2012-13), the Rashtriya Ekta Samman in 2013 and, the Padmashri.

Uddhab is a man of the heart as much as he is a man of the mind. He says, “Through my innovations, I want to reach out to those who are living below the poverty line, nationally and internationally. I don’t want to make any profits for myself.”

Setting up an unconventional old-age home and an orphanage is Uddhab’s next dream. He wants to train children and senior citizens to make them stand on their own feet and make an identity for themselves.

Uddhab has clients from all over the world. Several countries have taken his help to solve the technical problems, especially in the agricultural field. Despite his worldwide recognition, he still lives a simple life.

Salute to his unbreakable determinations and the positive spirit that go him not only to invent, but also serve the needy through his inventions. Share this, comment below.

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