Left An Accomplished Career In The US To Disrupt The F&B Hospitality With Voice & AI Tech

In a world where technology is created abroad and brought back to India, Shaker Dixit has taken it upon himself to reverse this trend with “Made in India – Designed for the World.” He was a Senior Executive for the Big 4 consulting firms and an advisor to many C suite Executives of Fortune 500 companies. Backed with his extensive 20+ years of Global experience, Mr. Dixit has been working towards a more technologically advanced world for the masses through his company, Envisionard. In addition to uniting customer’s eating habits and their convenience, he is also providing the ultimate marketplace for hyper-personalized experiences, with the best of Voice & AI Tech. 

Shaker’s product, Amealio, is the buddy we all need. The platform revolves around the user experience journey seamlessly on one platform; it aims to transform the dining experience by democratizing the expertise in the user’s hands. His inclination towards F&B began while he was still pursuing his MBA at San Jose State University, California. He took up a job at a restaurant and worked his way up from a dishwasher to the area manager and then part-time owner of a restaurant. After a successful career with Big 4 consulting for two decades, this pandemic has worked as a blessing in disguise for Shaker’s entrepreneurial journey cascading into one of the finest start-ups of the decade. 

“Food and Hospitality have been my passion and interest from a very early age; growing up in Hyderabad being a globe trotter and experiencing various local cuisines has a lot to do with it.” ~ Shaker told KenFolios during the interview. 

The world is dealing with a pandemic, and the F&B Industry is looking for newer customer engagement models to sustain. It’s time to disrupt it exponentially by shifting focus to a user-centric approach. He aims to build a ubiquitous platform to bring voice, mobile, and AI power to the masses to create a uniquely immersive experience. Giving Amealio to the world is his way of increasing the quality of life for people. The key features like; exploring new eating outlets/ restaurants, discovering multiple options for engagement such as order ahead, dine-in and curbside, skip the line, waitlist, and much more with ease of payment, put it on the map. 

Apart from opening a new frontier of experience beyond convenience for foodies, his approach is also to do business with a purpose. He has made giving a way of life. Through the launch of the initiative Envisionard Udbhav Foundation, he has been trying to create awareness on how vital it is to give back to society. The sole aim is not just to give but create a ripple effect. The upliftment of any society happens through creating awareness amongst the youth and motivating the change.

Shaker says that “We take social impact dearly in everything we do, as we understand that lasting change is the hallmark of a truly innovative business.”

It is essential to find touch-free and contactless ordering and customer seating options in such unprecedented times. A more personalized voice assistant topped with the convenience of access on mobile can act as a friend to a lot of us. The times when seeking help seems impossible, and your voice assistant can be a blessing in disguise. Shaker plans on taking Amealio global while also working on more areas where voice, AI, and mobile tech’s intervention can make life easy. Upon being asked about the replacement of jobs by AI, he inferred that the process is evolutionary. It also creates opportunities. There will undoubtedly be teething issues, but one must grow around technology. If you’re looking to contribute to a change, look no further. You can visit Envisionard’s website for more information.

This story is written by Arshita Singh.

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