Siblings Who Dreamed BIG: Starting The Messy Corner From A Small Room, Aayush And Aanchal Are Already Minting Crores Of Revenue From The Venture

Choosing a partner for your business is an extremely tricky decision to make. Business partners should be equally passionate about the vision and strive everyday towards nothing but success. It is important to have good compatibility in terms of finances and other such business aspects. People search around the globe to find the right partner but Aayush and Aanchal from Mumbai found their business partners at home.

Aayush and Aanchal are siblings from a well to do family background. “It was always easy to discuss business ideas and various opportunities in different industries with Aanchal. She always paid the right amount of attention to detail whenever I discussed business with her. I feel that’s what made us business partners.” Said Aayush in a chat with KenFolios.

Aayush (33) is an MBA and was managing the family business of technical textiles. Aanchal on the other hand has a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Bath, UK. The power-siblings usually discuss various opportunities in different sectors, and that’s when they felt the emergence of evolution in the personalised gifting sector. They spent a few months just researching the gifting sector intensely. They finally invested rupees ten lacs in their vision and started ‘The Messy Corner’.

TMC deals in delivering personalised gifts to your doorsteps which includes wallets, gadget covers, passport covers, hampers and much more. It was a tough road to take when they started TMC. Establishing the brand in the industry was a tough task. Aanchal and Aayush started with a small corner in their house to which their mother used to tell ‘it’s such a mess’. Despite cleaning up the mess time and again, it gets messy again in no time. That’s the reason they named the venture ‘The Messy Corner’. They’re now operating from the office anyway but they can never forget the early days. They launched their brand as a personalised gifting service provider and gradually people started talking about it. Once the conversation surrounding the brand struck, it gets easier to reach a larger audience.

TMC is known for its unique gifting trends, good quality and the affordable prices. They have a huge product range from Rs. 299-Rs.3999. They have received overwhelming love from their audience. It’s an amalgamation of Ferns and Petals, Chumbak, Daily Objects, Vista prints and Presto. TMC is churning annual revenue of 6 crores and it’s growing rapidly.

Aanchal and Aayush keep their professional and personal lives separate. They’re business partners in the day and siblings by the night. They’ve recently ventured in UV Sterilizers and designer personalised masks and sanitizer covers to fight against the deadly virus. These products have a huge potential to reach the maximum audience. Their journey proves that if you truly want to pursue your dream, don’t think and just start working in the direction. Eventually, sooner or later you’ll reach your destination.

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