Started Business With Rs 10 To Fight Depression, Now Award Winning Entrepreneur

At the fragile age of 22 when most youngsters are busy enjoying their college or first job, there are a few who are decking their lives with ornaments of success. While majority of adults reply on others to have a job, some build empires and generate employment opportunities for others, too. Such is the story of Hironmoy Gogoi.

‘Hironmoy’ meaning golden ways, is a person of empathy who is deeply close to nature. When he was young his brother died in 1999 in a bike accident. As if this loss was not enough, his mother passed away on 18 June, 2012, after fighting with poor health for 13 years. This hit him hard and he went into depression after loosing the cozy embrace of her mother.

His father struggled with loneliness and remarried a divorcee. Hironmoy tried to have a vision of his mother in her but soon realized no one could replace her mother.

One fine day, when he was in depression, Hironmoy had a monologue with himself. He asked himself if spending life, crying on spilt milk was going to help him in any way. He realized this was not the way his life was supposed to go. He promised himself that he would take himself out of his misery and be a boon for others instead of hauling his life.

From here the idea of food-tech emerged. It is an online business associated with rural technologies. Latest technologies are used for providing livelihood to various sects of the society. This business is based in Assam and has various wings of operation. Hironmoy personally makes sure the idea generates heaps of jobs for farmers and other sectors of Assam.

He had an idea that he executed in reality. He developed a mobile app where the people could easily order whatever they wanted. The app has seven wings. It is called Gaon Ka Khana. The wings are:

  • Gaon Ka Khana ethnic mode: This mode offers traditional food of Assam to its customers.
  • Gaon Ka Khana party mode: Here the people could order food for party or western cuisines.
  • Gaon Ka Khana natural mode: Here customers could order organically-grown vegetable. The business here connects with farmers and the farmers provide vegetables and fruits which are delivered at the doorsteps of customers.
  • Gaon Ka Khana mondita: This is based on the name of his mother. It aims at empowering additional food items.
  • Gaon Ka Khana trivial mode: This is for the tourists of Assam providing them ease in their stay.
  • Gaon Ka Khana accommodation mode: This is for booking different hotels in Assam, associated with various tourist sites.
  • Gaon Ka Khana relationship mode: Here couples can book any hotel and customize the ethnic menu.

Apart from providing mobile menu, Gaon Ka Khana has also started ‘Krishi Vikash Yojana’. In this plan, farmers are registered with Gaon Ka Khana and are given cards where the customers can place orders and the organically-grown vegetables are delivered at their footsteps. The cost of card is merely Re 1 per month. The endeavor is known as FFL (Fresh From Land). This empowers those farmers who can’t commute from their village to towns as frequently. The vegetables are delivered to Gaon Ka Khana office.

Hironmoy started various endeavors fighting for the basic rights of poor farmers and workers. His motto is to provide jobs for 3,000 people in coming time.

“My love for my mother is so much that it can never die. In order to show love for my mother I shower it to the all the mothers by making their lives as convenient as possible.”

Apart from this business Hironmoy is also a fitness freak who steals hours from his work schedule everyday to keep himself fit.

“People don’t understand entrepreneurship and thus they do not support it. It became the major roadblock while starting Gaon Ka Khana.’

Hironmoy started the business with only Rs 10 in his pocket in June 2016. He had only a cylinder and stove at his disposal. There was a major lack of resource. To deliver in city from his village Sivasagar was a major roadblock but he was persistent enough to get the business going despite the obstacles his way.

“I want to provide business to 3,000 employees in Assam as soon as possible. My father works as HR in ONGC. He earns well but in my mother’s ill-health almost all our resources were shredded. We were left with almost nothing. This inspired me to do something for my upcoming family. I want to learn from this and leave something behind for my offspring.”

We can see that age doesn’t matter, what matters is hard work and the will to go on with conviction in heart. Hiromoy’s story inspires us telling us we can fight and emerge as bold victors if we instill in us the zeal to be honest and persistent.

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