Starting At The Age 11, How Riya And Shraddha Are Strengthening Women In 35 Nations

Though the global society is transforming in terms of the awareness about creating a world of equality, we are yet to witness any revolutionary changes towards making an equal world for women. Spotting the gap between the perception of a changing society and reality, Riya and Shraddha have come together to offer a platform for women to strengthen themselves by creating opportunities. Fuzia is a platform that empowers creative women through a fusion of cultures and ideas.

The Story Behind The Fuzia’s Journey 

Fuzia co-founder Riya, living in Palo Alto, California, was 11 years of age when she perceived the idea of inspiring girls and women to follow their true calling. As a kid, Riya penned down a book titled ‘Runaway Twins’. While promoting her book at a local bookstore, a girl came to Riya and apprised her about the motivation she received to write a book of her own. This incidence seeded deep in Riya, and she decided to influence girls and women to come together and inspire each other by their ideas.

In 2012, Riya started a writing club that was helping schoolgirls to share their essays and writing with other members. The writing club became a popular community very soon, illustrating the initial success of Fuzia. In the year 2015, Riya’s relative Shraddha, who is also a business management professional, joined team Fuzia as a co-founder. Shraddha is currently leading the team at Fuzia. She believes there is hidden talent in women in every corner of this world but needs a platform to become visible.

“The biggest challenge was to reach out to every talented woman from all around the world. Their team works remotely, and that’s why it enables them to reach out to women from even the remotest part of the world.” – Shraddha told kenFolios

The Impact

Team Fuzia, comprising of around 35 members, is spread across the globe and working remotely. This remote working model helps Fuzia to reach out to women from the faraway parts of the world. In the past few years, Fuzia has been a help for women from rural to the urban background. The team has worked hard, and their efforts got rewarded when they got an invitation to attend the Women Economic Forum in the year 2018.

Currently, Fuzia boasts a global community of more than 4.5 million readers and writers and more than 50k submissions on their web portal. They have also launched Humans of Fuzia to showcase the work of creative women. With talented individuals from 35 nations in the world, Fuzia is also operating a unique service for companies to hire talent through the Fuzia Talent program. Fuzia has been a home to 1000s of creative women to showcase their talent and engage with the community. The community has helped 100s of women and girls get economically empowered and develop self-confidence through various skill development programs, internships, and work assignments.

Shraddha and Riya are planning to take this platform to a level where no woman in the world remains deprived of opportunities. Having dealt with a large number of women from across the globe, Shraddha and Riya are aware of the confidence boost women get when they are financially independent. On being asked about the secret mantra of successful entrepreneurship, Shraddha said “You shouldn’t do something just because your family, your peers, people around you expect you to do that, rather you should only follow your heart and do what makes you happy to attain success and be content in life.

We see hundreds of people talking about women empowerment on social media, but very few who are actually doing something meaningful to strengthen women financially and socially. The work these young girls have done and the work they plan to do is unquestionably astounding.

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यहाँ जो उगता है वही पकता है, इस अनूठे रेस्टोरेंट से आप भी ले सकते हैं बिज़नेस आइडिया

11 वर्ष की उम्र में मिली प्रेरणा, फिर इन दो उद्यमियों ने मिलकर 35 देशों की महिलाओं को बनाया सशक्त