Story: 15 Views To 20* Million Followers – How Delhi Boy Bhuvan Bam Became A Youtube Sensation

With 466,00,00,000(4.66 billion as of 2020 according to Global Digital Overview Report), the internet is unquestionably the biggest open-mic for artists to exhibit their talent, but not all get the eyeballs. Amidst tight competition, what should one need to build around 20 million followers?! Here the story of someone who did it in the real-world – the story of stylishly making use of the power of the internet – the story of Bhuvan Bam.

Bhuvan hails from a customary middle-class Indian household. He was born in Vadodara in a Marathi family that later settled in New Delhi. Having spent his entire childhood, school-days, and college times in Delhi, Bhuvan developed the habitual personality traits most of the Delhites display, including the ‘quirky’ use of words in everyday exchanges.

A stage performer during his school and college, Bhuvan continued performing as an actor and singer after his education. His performance at various places shaped him into a professional artist – the use of the internet was growing simultaneously, bringing social-media into existence. In June 2015, Bhuvan decided to put a few of his short videos on Facebook that received a fiddling response, but he continued putting effort. On realizing the need to publish on Youtube to make any money out of his content (Facebook did not offer video monetization back then), Bhuvan uploaded all his videos on Youtube and started his channel ‘BB Ki Vines’.

“Jab shuru kiya tha tab socha nahi thaa kee itna karpaunga. Bas apna kaam karte gaya aur followers badhate gaye, Bhuvan To KenFolios.”

Since the launch of ‘BB Ki Vines’ on 20th June 2015, there have been many ups-downs and difficulties, but no looking back for Bhuvan. That was a time when channels like ‘TVF’ and ‘AIB’ were popular amongst the English audiences, and Youtube did not aggregate much content in the Hindi genre. Bhuvan’s unique comic-timing and the characters he played using his ‘Delhi Wali Hindi’ became a hit and ‘BB Ki Vines’ multiplied their followers with every new day.

It was in the year 2016 when Bhuvan got in touch with Rohit Raj who worked as an artist manager. This collaboration gave the much-needed spark to Bhuvan’s journey and the pair has done exceptionally well as business associates. Rohit’s expertise with the business management for an artist on and off social media has worked magic for Bhuvan and helped him focus entirely on his content. The popular demand made Bhuvan experiment and introduce new characters timely. Throughout his growth-phase, Buvan maintained his composure. Despite rising popularity and new success-milestones, he continued the hard work and researched new content. Bhuvan’s hard work with his smart comic timing divulged ‘BB Ki Vines’ in one of the most famous Youtube channels.

“Mera content middle-class Indian families aur unke problems ke baarein mein hota hai, sirf character aate-jaate rahate hai, Bhuvan apprised to KenFolios.”

The popularity of ‘BB Ki Vines’ opened many new arenas for Bhuvan. He launched the official ‘BB Ki Vines’ merchandised of the channel with his friends and also gets offers from renowned brands to promote his content. Currently. Bhuvan promotes many brands like Myntra, Lenskart and Mivi.

Bhuvan Bam’s success story is one of those iconic stories that have motivated many youngsters to seriously consider social media as a profession. A normal middle-class Delhi boy rising to towering fame based on pure-talent and making it to millions of followers is no less than the story of a silver-screen superstar like Sharukh Khan.

“Maine jab shuru kiya thaa tab mujhe pandrah(15) views mile thei. Jab aise bacche ko Shahrukh Khan bataayein ke woh usaka content dekhate hai, tab woh special feel hota hai, Bhuvan Told KenFolios”.

Internet and the generations of social media influencers will be thankful to the likes of Bhuvan Bam for illustrating the real potential of social media.

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