Story Of Penniless Cargo Helper Who Built Rs 10 Cr-Tech Firm Out Of Sheer Curiosity

Contrary to popular beliefs, merely having an idea and sourcing capital does not ensure a successful start-up. Great things call for determination to plough through hard times. If coupled with zeal to learn, success is guaranteed.

Even after experiencing financial crisis, he did not give up. Instead, he worked hard with continuous zeal to learn, and formed India’s biggest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) organization.

Early setback and improvisation

Sudheer Nair was born in a lower middle-class family. When he turned 16, his father passed away. In order to make ends meet, Sudheer had to look out for jobs. Adversities left him with no choice than to push his limits and create a present he wanted to live in. After doing many odd jobs, he started working as a helper in a cargo firm.

While working there, Sudheer was introduced to the typewriter. Being a keen learner, he became an expert typist. He then took up the job of typing computer programmer and learnt to code despite having any formal training in programming. In no time, he was generating software codes independently for the company.

“I did not know any technical people and had zero guidance. But the way I chose was to ruthlessly read through technical books. I spent hundreds of hours reading and practicing programs,” recalls Sudheer.

Sudheer realized that software programming was going to be the world that he was searching for. He was confident that he could make it big if he concentrates on software development. In a short span of time, he became a good FoxPro Programmer.

In 1990, he got his first job in a newspaper. Computer technology was progressing by each day and he saw ERP system was coming into existence. That is when he decided to join JD Edwards in London as a consultant.

Setting out on his dream

In the year 2006, Sudheer decided to take the niche of ERP in India to the next level. He then founded Eresource Infotech Private Limited. In the last eight years, Eresource Infotech has created a strong space in the field of ERP. They have over 300 clients and about 25,000 users on Eresource ERP, and employs 100 people.

Reaping the benefits

Sudheer has faced many challenges in his life but his determination has helped him to move forward. Over the years, his company has won many prestigious industrial awards, including the Udyog Rattan Award and Business Excellence Award for the year 2008.

Talking about his education, Sudheer tells that he is getting himself educated with experience. He emphasizes on the importance of loving what you do. “The only thing that is constant is challenge. When one challenge is solved, another will evolve. You must have the ability to persist with the challenges and move-on,” he concludes.

Sudheer’s journey towards establishing a Rs 10 crore-worth firm was obviously not an easy one, but it was indeed worth it. He has gone on to show us that even without formal education, one can achieve heights. He gives hope to millions of Indians who cannot afford proper education but dream big.

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