Story: Quit Multinationals, Modelled For Own Brand – The Sisters Who Churned Rs 13 Cr With Just Rs 3 Lac

Fancy degrees like a B.E. and/or an MBA from a premium institute and a high paying job is like a dream come true for most of the youngsters.  For most of them, every single vigorous effort put in an attempt to accomplish a fancy degree and a high paying job combination is justified owing to the belief that this ‘match’ is a gateway to a successful life. But society also wants talented people to make use of their skills and abilities in creating opportunities for others, however, in today’s world, it’s an unusual occurrence for someone to quit a high-paying corporate job to start a social enterprise. The pair of ‘Suta Girls‘ Tanya and Sujata is that rare occurrence.

Tanya and Sujata are real sisters raised in a typical service-class Indian family. Their father worked with the Railway Police and the family had to shift their base too often. Both the sisters got their engineering degrees and completed an MBA in General Management and Finance, respectively. Tanya got placed with IBM while Sujata worked with Essar Steel. Their educational accomplishments helped them fetch a high paying job and the job gave them a superb lifestyle. The sisters were happy yet both of them agreed that this is just the start but not the ultimate choice. They wanted to become entrepreneurs and do something for society.

It was in the year 2016 when they made a final decision and quit jobs to start their own company. The girls’ fascination for sarees since their childhood on seeing elderly-women in the family wearing sarees helped them plan the startup. The duo soon decided to deal with handloom Sarees made by Indian weavers across the nation. Although, it was not going to be easy as this market was saturated, and the craze of wearing a saree was shrinking. But despite visible difficulties, the girls remained firm with their idea due to the societal impact.

On doing some initial research, the sisters realized that the number of saree users was reducing, but thoughtfully made sarees were emerging as a style statement for women across age-bars. Suta, the brand launched by Tanya and Sujata, was to be at the epitome of creativity – that was the only way they could have made it big. But with a thin capital of Rs 3 lac rupees contributed by the sisters and a team of three including both of them, competing famous brands was difficult even to think. Creativity was in-house for the company but hiring renowned models could have been costly; to solve the crisis, the sister became models for their brand and used social media to promote.

In just four years, Tanya and Sujata powered ‘Suta’ has emerged as a known brand. The company which started with a tiny capital of Rs 3 lac and 2 weavers has grown to become a big company having more than 1500 weavers and two own handloom units in West Bengal. In the year 2019, Suta churned a whopping 13 Crores in revenue. But above anything else, the startup is helping a large number of weavers to enhance the quality of their products and earn a better living by avoiding profit-eating middlemen.

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