Story: When Everyone Was Busy Earning To Eat, He Took A Weird Decision To Eat And Earn.

There are only a few people who consider persuing their dreams instead of just fulfilling the responsibilities of existing in the world. Following your passion gets difficult at times, but the one who overcomes temporary hurdles, gets to cherish success, and inner-peace permanently. They’re right when they say ‘true success lies in doing what you love’ and the journey of Kalyan Karmakar, a Mumbai based Market Researcher turned food and travel writer proves the truthfulness of the phrase. 

Kalyan is an MBA  who kick-started his career as a Market Researcher in Mumbai in the year 1997. He continued in his career as a researcher for several years until hit by a mid-career crisis in the year 2007.

 “The monotony was getting to me. There was a certain sameness at work which filled me with a sense of ennui.” – said Kalyan in a chat with KenFolios

Kalyan started blogging in 2007 as an outlet for his creativity. It remained just-a-hobby till 2012 until Kalyan decided to move out of the corporate world and convert his hobby of food blogging in his profession. It was quite a strenuous decision to make for Kalyan, but, what is the use of such hard-earned money when you can’t have a single day of mental peace? 

“Well, many questions arise when you plan to quit. Thankfully, my wife was always a strong support system and sounding board for me in that period of uncertainty.” – said Kalyan

Turning food blogging as a full-time profession was not easy those days. The idle period at the start was a tough one to face.  But, he didn’t give up on writing and as months passed by, his work began to get noticed and work opportunities began to emerge. Today, ‘Finely Chopped’ is every foodie’s digital destination. Kalyan’s book ‘The Travelling Belly’ speaks of the food treasures hidden in the bylanes of India and is one of the most critically acclaimed books in India.

“I feel patience is the key to success. One shouldn’t lose give up . You should take things forward one step at a time. When I look back, I feel extremely grateful for the decision that I took in  2012 which sounded scary back then. I learnt that when you follow your passion, success is bound to follow.” Says Kalyan Karmakar.

No amount of pleasure is more than doing what you love and getting paid for it. You wouldn’t know where life can take you unless you take THE BIG LEAP. Kalyan Karmakar’s is not just one of the pioneers  in the Indian blogging arena ,but a perfect example of how one can opt for an odd option in the chase of job-satisfaction and accomplish grand success, too.

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