Tale Of Hardwork: From Pizza Delivery Boy To A Turnover Of 8.5 Cr

Everyone wants to be successful in life, but not all of us are willing to take timely risks in awkward situations. Although critical times in life are hard to deal with, they also serve the milestones in our life-journey. These are the junctures that allow us to halt, breathe – decide the right direction, and put all humanly possible efforts thenceforth – but the fear of the unknown overshadows our innate motivation, derails our progress. For everyone lacking motivation due to the fear of the unknown, the story of Flying Cakes’ Sunil is a must-read.

Born in an indigent Delhi based family, Sunil somehow completed his higher secondary school certificate(SSC) exam. His father was a mechanical laborer and the only earning member in their family of five. His family’s financial condition demanded Sunil earn a living for himself. Soon after SSC, he started doing menial jobs earning Rs 200 odd a day. He did many such blue-collar jobs before joining Domino’s Pizza as a pizza delivery boy in the year 1998. He worked for a long time with one of the Domino’s Pizza outlets in Delhi and performed exceptionally well to become their best-performing employee. His consistent best performance made him the blue-eyed boy for the employer but a devil for other co-workers – he soon resigned in the year 2003.

The Beginning

Meanwhile, Sunil had accumulated some savings from his long career with Domino’s Pizza – he soon started a small roadside eatery in Delhi. His first business experiment failed due to continuous obstruction by the civic authorities. In four years of running the eatery, He earned nothing monetarily but gathered a lot of experience. In 2007, Sunil decided to do something better; moreover, legal. Some research in nearby areas helped Sunil figure out the absence of a cake shop – he decided to open one. With the help of some savings and a loan of Rs 58000 from a friend, Sunil’s first shop under the banner of Flying Cakes was open at Noida.

The First Milestone Was Not A Cake-Walk

Flying Cake was an ambitious project for Sunil compared to the earlier roadside eatery, but he did not do a good business due to low footfall. Yet, the only certainty about time is that it changes. On a good day, a lady from the nearby company HCL visited Flying Cakes to order a cake for her son’s birthday. The lady was the head of HCL’s admin department – the quality of the cake baked by Sunil impressed her, and Flying Cake soon started receiving corporate orders from her. 

“The orders from HCL were the first milestone that made me feel the worth of my undaunting struggle and the risk that I took of quitting the stable job.” – Said Sunil with tears of gratitude in his eyes.

The Extraordinary That Makes ‘Flying Cakes’ Stand Out

Sunil was keen on doing a business backed by excellent quality. He knew that the joy of eating a fresh cake is eternal. He ensured that the cake is prepared only on order and delivered in the lowest possible time to ensure freshness. Knowing the importance of his presence to ensure quality, Sunil worked round-the-clock in the early days of Flying Cakes – he sometimes worked for as long as eighteen hours at a stretch. His determination to serve the best of cakes helped him build a brand and open new branches. His fifteen-minute preparation technique has retained most of the customers for Sunil.

Today, Flying Cakes is a known cake-shop brand doing a turnover of Rs 8.5 cr through its 15 branches in cities like Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune. They have recently launched a new range of fast food products like pizza, burger, and croissants in Noida. Sunil is aiming to open fifteen new branches by the year 2024.

“You shouldn’t be afraid of taking the risk, without taking a risk, you will remain at the same place forever. Consistent hustle towards your dream will lead you to it.”- Sunil’s message to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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