They Chose Difficult Path, Quit Lucrative Jobs With A Promise To “Ease Your Life’, Now Make Grand Revenue

Let’s talk about the universal mystery and the only one question on every entrepreneur’s mind, ‘Which business idea is the best?’ Is it better to choose the industry in which you have a good amount of experience or the one which already proved itself? Would you believe if the answer is none of these? The real business idea that gets successful with time is the ones that genuinely solves a problem. This is what Shashwat and Jaymin witnessed in 2016 that led to the birth of a heavy revenue churning business model, Ease Your Life.

EYL is an amalgamation of food delivery pick up and drop and home services apps. You get to avail all the services of the above-mentioned applications at one platform and that is EYL – The startup provides multi-service on-demand hyperlocal task management.

“You want to order food, groceries, daily essentials, send a package to someone, book an online spa and salon service, all these services are provided at the one-stop platform.” Said Shashwat in a chat with KenFolios.

Shashwat Bhatt and Jaymin Trivedi are college buddies and before venturing into entrepreneurship, they’ve had their share of corporate experience working for different MNCs.

Shashwat worked for over ten years in the media industry and Jaymin worked with the marketing team of Reliance industries. “Having the experience of working in the media for a while did help us acquire a lot of clients in the beginning. The experience helped us build effective marketing strategies for Ease Your Life.” Said Jaymin.

Shashwat and Jaymin always planned on doing something together since their college days. They stayed in touch after college and used to discuss several business ideas. One fine day, they pondered upon the idea of the logistics industry and how they solve an emerging problem. They witnessed that people don’t like to keep N number of applications in their phones for different services. They decided to combine the services of all food delivery picks up and drop and home services apps. and offer a single platform for every service. That’s how EYL was founded with a nominal investment of Rs.1 lac.

“From helping mothers with babysitters to organizing a customer’s wardrobe and facilitating pick-up and drop off a baby caterpillar – We have done it all.” Said Jaymin.

Today, they have a team of ten employees working at the back end, customer support, and finance operations. The delivery knights are the employed resources of EYL.

EYL has come a long way in achieving their goals. They started in Mumbai and today they are spread across Delhi and NCR too. It has over 15,000 active customers in Mumbai itself, and another 1,500 plus customers in Delhi and NCR.

“Our USP is that we are the go-to app for anyone in the city wanting to get an errand done as long as it’s legal or to find a fix to their mundane problems” Said Jaymin.

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