This Brave Girl Saved Her Brother While 500 Maoists Showered Bullets

Fourteen-year-old Anjali Singh Gautam saved her little brother’s life when around 500 Maoists attacked her home six-year ago. She put him on her shoulder and ran through the flying bullets. Her courageous act is now featured as a true story in NCERT book and incorporated in the CBSE syllabus.

Six years ago over 500 Maoists stormed into the Nakulnar village of Dantewada district, where Anjali was staying with her family. They surrounded her home and killed her uncle in front of her eyes. Anjali saved the life of her brother, who was playing outside at that time the Maoists fired several bullets at him.

Anjali’s father was the target of the Maoists

Anjali’s peaceful life got shattered on that fateful day (July 7, 2010) when 500 Maoists stormed her village around 12 at midnight. The prime target of the Maoists was Anjali’s father Awadhesh Singh Gautam, a political party leader. When the Maoists started firing bullets, Anjali’s brother Abhijeet was playing outside and her father was sleeping inside the room. Her uncle, Sanjay and the family driver were sleeping outside on the verandah. They were killed on the spot by the flying bullets.

She took her injured brother on the shoulder and fled from the spot

After killing her uncle and the servant, the Maoists barged inside the home by breaking the front gate and began firing relentlessly. Abhijit was shot in the leg. Anjali went running to save his younger brother and put him on her shoulder. Other family members were scampering to save their own lives. Then the Maoists blew the adjacent room with the help of explosives. Anjali felt that all the people in her home got killed. Anjali took her brother to their grandfather’s house and informed them about the attack. Fortunately, her father had escaped the attack.

Maoists deter, but Anjali never stopped

When Anjali was running away with her brother the Maoist constantly warned her to stop or they will shoot her dead. But, Anjali never stopped even after death warning. The Maoists were shouting repeatedly to stop and asking for her father while Anjali kept on running. Then the Maoists started firing at her. Fortunately, she was not even hit by a single shot. After the incident, Anjali received various awards for her bravery, including the President Bravery Awards and the Zonal Physical Bravery Award in 2012. Her true life story is included in the class V CBSE syllabus from this session.

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