This Ex-Government Employee Became Crorepati By Growing Aloe Vera

Setting new trends!

Harish Dhandev quit his safe government job to start cultivating Aloe Vera and other crops on his 120-acre farmland. He has now become a crorepoti, thanks to the great quality of his Aloe Vera variety that has high demand in countries like Brazil, Hong Kong and USA.

Currently, the yearly turnover of Dhandev’s farmland situated in Thar Desert has reached around 1.5 to 2 crore. Dhandev now launched his own company ‘Naturelo Agro’ in Dhaisar, 45 kilometres from Jaisalmer. He also supplies large quantities of Aloe Vera to Patanjali Food Products Limited for producing its famous Aloe Vera juice. As the Aloe Vera grown in the Thar Desert area is of high quality, it has great demand in international market as well.

Dhandev had a sound government job as an engineer in the Jaisalmer Municipal Council. But, he was not satisfied with it and decided to try something new. Hailing from a family of farmers, farming came naturally to him. He took the risk and resigned from his secured job. He already had the land and water, but not the idea. He visited an Agri-Expo in Delhi, where he got the idea of cultivating Aloe Vera instead of the traditional desert crops like bajra, wheat, moon or mustard. He started growing the Aloe Vera variety ‘babie densis’ on his 120-acre field and immediately got the success.

The Aloe Vera grown in his farmland is so good that it has a high demand in national and international market. He is getting huge orders from Brazil, Hong Kong and USA. He increased the initial planting of around 80,000 saplings of Aloe Vera to seven lakh saplings because of such a high demand. In current year, he gave 125-150 tonnes of processed Aloe Vera pulp to Patanjali factories in Haridwar. Dhandev also built a modern facility to process the produced Aloe Vera leaves before supplying to national and international market.

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