This Lady Singham Is Bringing In A Positive Change Fearlessly, One At A Time

In this modern-age society, everyone leads a busy life. It is the curse of civilization. Amidst the chaos, it is our police officers who take it upon themselves to maintain law and order in the society. When many of them fail to do so and taint the name of other public servants, there are a handful who leave no stone unturned to fulfill their responsibilities and dedicate their life for the well-being of people.

Such is DSP Shreshtha Thakur who is aptly known as Lady Singham for her fearless and honest work in the police force. From standing up courageously against rule-breaking politicians to helping the underprivileged and doing social work, this woman does it all!

In June 2017, Shreshtha was posted as circle officer at Syana in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, along with 244 Deputy Superintendents of Police. When many officers take a back step when it comes to politicians, this courageous woman, at the beginning of her career, arrested five BJP leaders on charges of obstructing a government servant from doing his/her duty.

The politicians retorted back by threatening her and saying that they would complaint to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. But Shreshtha stood up on her grounds and confronted them, asking them to get a written declaration from the CM that police had no powers to check vehicles. When they were left with nothing to say, she arrested them.

Following the incident, a video of her standing up to the politicians went viral on social media platforms, gaining her popularity overnight. She received applauses and admiration from people all over the nation.

The consequences of right doing

Shreshtha had done something not everyone has the courage to do. However, in this unfair world, she had to face the consequences for standing against the wrong. As a result, she was transferred from Syana to Behraich district in UP in July 2017.

However, she took the repercussions in her stride and wrote, “Jahan Bhi Jaega Roshni Lutaega, Kisi Chirag ka apna makan nahi Hota.” (Wherever a lamp shall go, it shall spread its light; for a lamp has no home for itself).

She took to her Facebook profile to express her feelings, saying, “Got transfer to Bahraich, it’s Nepal border, don’t worry my friends I am happy…. I accept it as a reward for my good work…. u all are invited to bahraich(sic).”

Shreshtha, who takes inspiration from IPS officer Kiran Bedi, says to Hindustan Times, “My parents always taught me to be upright and honest. The result is that don’t feel scared from anyone and is always ready to take up any challenge.”

Restoring faith in humanity

In Behraich, Shreshtha was deployed in the Mahsi circle during the Uttar Pradesh floods in 2017. During the course of her duty, she saw the plight of people and their degraded lifestyle because of their recent losses. As a fellow human being, she took it upon herself to help them as much as she could and rehabilitate them by providing them with food and shelter.

She took up social work along with her official work and collected money from the people to as charity. However, soon she was shifted to be in charge of Risia circle. But whenever she would spare some time from her work, she would still visit the people affected by the floods and continued to work for their betterment.

Becoming a changemaker

Shreshtha completed her MBA from Kanpur and appeared for the Provincial Police Services (PPS) examination, becoming a police officer in 2012. In 2018, she was awarded with HT Warrior in Uniform award that felicitates women in the security forces.

Talking about being a part of the police force, she said, “I believe that a woman is completely secure in uniform. When a woman comes in uniform one gets a different kind of feeling. Since my school days I couldn’t bear anything wrong whether it be eve teasing or fighting I always raised my voice. This was the reason that decided to join the police force.”

She also visits numerous government schools to direct the children in the right direction and instate a strong sense of justice in them early. She has also reached out to various parents through her social media and appealed to them not to let their daughters out alone.

Shreshtha is a source of inspiration and a role model for so many women. She tells how one should fight fearlessly to respect their duty and the uniform. It is people like her who re-instil our faith in humanity and the public servants. KenFolios salutes this Lady Singham!

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