Three Years Inside A Car: Landlord Asked To leave, This Bollywood Artist Happily Lived Inside His Car

With an increasing understanding of how a routine lifestyle for too-long can lessen our creative spark, people, particularly the ones belonging to the creative professions,  have started experimenting with unorthodox ways of living. Dishant Gulliya is one of those hundreds of thousands of people who reach Mumbai to make a mark in the entertainment industry, the only thing that isolates him from the rest is his unusual way of living – Dishant has lived in a car for the last three years. Dishant has modeled for a few renowned brands like Raymonds, Manyawar, Fab India and Wills Lifestyle. He was last seen in the movie ‘Gunjan Saxena’.

Dishant won the title of Mr. Delhi in 2012. After grabbing reasonable attention in Delhi, his hometown – Dishant decided to move to the city of dreams, Mumbai – to try his luck in one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. His early struggle resembles the struggle of almost all industry-outsiders who come here to make it big. When he landed in Mumbai after being insisted by a few acquaintances, Dishant found himself helpless when no one turned to the airport to receive him, and not even responded to his calls and texts. Dishant spent almost a day at the airport till someone came and arranged a rental accommodation for him. 

Dishant soon started looking for work and earned a livelihood. He also saved some money to buy a car in a few months only. One day, when his landlord asked him to look for a new accommodation, Dishant gave it a though and started living in his car. Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities when it comes to homes, and the money Dishant saved was to spend on the other joys of life. Though not easy, Dishant started enjoying his stay inside the car. 

“Earlier in 2016, when I first came to Mumbai with an utmost passion for becoming a superstar, I faced innumerous heartbreaks and challenges. People who promised to help me just disappeared when I landed in Mumbai. No one was responding to my calls or texts. That’s when I witnessed that the journey towards success is always lonely.” – Dishant said reminiscing his early days in Mumbai.

Since then, Dishant has been living in a car. He has modified his Maruti Swift Dzire in such a way that the rear passenger seat gets converted to a cozy bed to crash on after a tiring day. There is also a separate compartment for shoes. He has built a small cute wardrobe too in his car. To address many questions that arise regarding personal hygiene and basic human needs like a washroom. Dishant has taken the membership of a club to sort these necessities. 

“It felt like a blessing and everything that was missing from my life until then. I thought it must be scary, but thankfully it wasn’t. Instead, it was one of the best experiences of my life.” – Said Dishant.

Dishant a.k.a MadNomad keeps on traveling to different cities in India. He is not bound to be at a single place for more than two days and keeps exploring the country on wheels which gives him immense learnings as an artist. 

“The only thing that bothered me was always coming back home to sleep. Now that I am living in a car, I have no certain destination. I keep on traveling and stay wherever I want to.” Said Dishant.

Dishant has already covered the length and breadth of the country and always prefers to live with the locals. He is now planning to make this culture of living in a car popular under the name of MadNomad and get cars modified for such travel enthusiasts. He is now modifying his own SUV to build a spacious home for himself. 
“I love meeting different people, living with them, discussing their interests, and sharing mine, all this stuff helps me grow as an actor.” Says Dishant.

Dishant’s story is that outré which emphasises the importance of not just exploring places, cultures, and information, but to make timely changes in the way we live to experience the best we can in our lifetime. Everyone may not live inside a car, but, for sure, can try different ways of living, explore, learn, AND LIVE – TO THE FULLEST.

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