Want To Escape City Life? This Bangalore Based Initiative Brings Farmlands And Simpler Times To City Folks

The more the human race develops in terms of technology and infrastructure, the more it seems that people miss the good old days, when landlines and letters were not a thing of the past and instead of the concrete jungle, one would be surrounded by luxuriant greenery. And nature lover Pavan Kumar from Bangalore is helping city folks do just this, and the best part? You don’t need to wander off to a reclusive location to do so.

Pavan’s love for nature came from his father who wished to live away from the city’s hustle and bustle and was convinced that there had to be many others like him. In 1995, Mr. K Mangal Chand started Jain Farms, his venture where he beautified farmlands by turning them into picturesque locations nestled in nature. And now, 25 years later the business continues to thrive as people are flocking to buy farmland from the hundreds of acres owned by Jain Farms.

They start by taking unused or less fertile land that has been abandoned and then the work of making it beautiful inside and out. First, they make the land fertile, and then comes the beautification, which includes organic horticulture, pools, and farmhouses. These farmlands are usually close to the main city so that people can escape the chaotic city life for some peace in nature without having to spend too much time traveling.

Pavan joined the family-owned business when he was only 18 years old but he had to work his way up. He shares, “I didn’t get any perks and had to work my way up. It took me 20 years, but I worked hard to get where I am today.”

Pavan is now using technology to help the business become better and bigger. Jain Farms has converted 1,200 acres of farmlands into beautiful spaces where one can farm and slow down, and have 3,000 happy customers to prove the same. They have also planted 2-3 lakh trees and have developed farm projects around Kodaikanal, Hyderabad, and Jaipur, and also more than 800 acres at Bagalur near Bangalore. They have recently branched out into coffee estates.

“Coffee By the Lake” is one such project in the lush green Malnad area of Sakleshpur and the newest member in the Jain Farms Family. The gated community of managed coffee estates by Jain Farms offers an opportunity to own individual freehold coffee estates without any hassles. Coffee estates of different sizes in Sakleshpur, with clear titles certified by top lawyers, properly secured and maintained by them. (Seems like an advert, but grammatically correct).

Many people wish to come to their owned farmlands and coffee estates every weekend to revel in the beauty of nature, enjoy farming and take back the organic yield to their family and friends.

Pavan explains how people are now appreciating slowing down more because of the Covid-19 pandemic “The pandemic made people realize the importance of being in nature, eating organic food and slowing down, which has helped boost sales for us.”

Pavan explains that spending time in nature helps elevate one’s mood and reduces stress while getting your hands dirty and working in the heat on the farms teaches a person about the kind of work it goes into creating things and the joy of seeing any kind of new development, even the most minute, seems like the biggest achievement.

Citing the term Nature Deficit Disorder coined by journalist and author Richard Louv, Pavan explained how the “nonmedical condition suggests that spending less time outdoors can contribute to behavioral changes in children”. He stressed the fact that parents should reduce their children’s screen time and make them spend more time in nature.

“We want children to learn about the importance of farming and spend more time in nature and we hope to teach them about these things.”

Pavan has big plans on how to optimize the experience for people even more and is planning to start sessions where people will get to the farm, experience local cuisine, teach children about farming, irrigation, plants, and more, as well as several other activities. Pavan also hopes to help beautify and improve schools around villages very soon.

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