When Family Business And Passion Mismatched, This Man Clubbed Them To Create A 121 Crore Empire

Time and again we read success stories about people who chased their passion despite adversities. But, declining opportunities at-disposal and going the extra mile just to follow your inner-impulse is nonetheless easy. Preet Sharma, a serial entrepreneur from Delhi launched “Care my Tours-a unique brand that offers a 360-degree plan of your biking adventure tour including your stay across India and abroad as well.”

There are innumerous adventure and enthusiastic bikers in India who aspire to explore the world on two wheels. However, until now the facilities were either highly expensive or unavailable. Preet Sharma – a globe trotter who is obsessed with Superbikes came up with the solution for this. Despite all the easy-breezy opportunities provided by his family, Preet decided to take a difficult route, took the risk just to ensure that his passion is blended with his family business and it’s a win-win situation.

The Kickstart To A New Legacy

Growing up in an upper-middle-class family, Preet had a unique obsession with Supercars and superbikes since childhood. His father used to deal in hotels where they did bulk buying of Hotels and bulk selling for the tours arranged. Preet completed his education and pursued masters in Australia. While studying, Preet hustled day and night to earn money by doing odd jobs at restaurants, pubs, etc. He then knew that doing a job is not something that he truly wants, that’s where he got the clarity of doing business in life. He came to India with Rs, 30 lacs that he earned while working in Australia. He invested that money in the construction business and ventured in Real Estate.

‘I remember doing a bike expedition in Jan 2019 where we rode on the volcano and climbed on top of the mountain, that was an experience which I can’t express in words” Said Preet in an interview with Kenfolios.

Preet realized the real problem behind the lack of superbike expeditions is that they are extremely expensive, and no company avails you the service of planning your bike expedition out of India. It offers foreign expeditions and already being in the hotel business, enabled Preet to do the cost-cutting for such tour packages.

The Love Received From True Superbike Fans

If anyone traveling to the US wants to do a tour on a superbike, it would cost around Rs, 2-3 lacs for just ten days. We offer a similar package at just Rs, 1-1.25 lacs. Care My Tours have partnered with brands like BMW, Ducati, and Java that enable us to provide you with a superbike in almost every part of the world. It has helped many individuals to come forward and participate in the adventurous ride. 

“We always get an overwhelming response from Russia. In one of our trips planned in Russia, the Russian channel Consulate came to greet the members. The Russian consulate Car was ahead, all our bikers behind them, and the police car followed the troop. It was highly respectful and that day I finally achieved the salvation of starting this venture” Said Preet.

The Safety Surrounding Adventure

Such expeditions come with its surprises, like unexpected brake failure, confusing maps, road accidents, and the possibilities are unlimited. However, Care My Tours assures the total safety of the riders. The riders are guided throughout by a local rider who rides ahead of everyone, there’s also an SOS vehicle that follows the group throughout, so that god forbid if any accident happens, the treatment will start within minutes. 

The Entrepreneurial Destination For Preet

Currently, Care My Tours have their franchise in Three countries, India, Australia, and Vietnam. Preet plans to open a franchise of CMT in at least 12 countries. Also that currently, Preet’s construction company, hotel business, and CMT are valued at Rs 121 crores altogether, he is working hard every day to make it worth Rs 250 crores by the end of Next year.

“The key to successful entrepreneurship is perseverance. Every business fails several times before finally becoming the ‘Big Thing’. Any aspiring entrepreneur should not forget that you started from nothing, so whatever you lose is fine, rather than getting demotivated with failures.”

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