When Family Deterred From Farming, Engineer Started Fish-Farming, Earns 10 Lac/Season

Accomplishments are more about not giving up and thriving to find better ways to achieve our goals, but most of us often end up doing the opposite. Most people blame adversities for their inability to accomplish the set targets instead of figuring out alternate methods – finding the reasons to ‘not do’ something instead of doing it differently. The story of Prayagraj’s Prakhar Pratap is a narrative of smartly accomplishing your goals.

Born to a farmer in the Kaushambi District of Uttar Pradesh, Prakhar completed his studies till 12th from a village school. Being a farmer himself, Prakhar’s father always deterred him from taking up farming activities and wanted him to become a Civil Engineer. Prakhar had a keen interest in farming but fulfilled his father’s wish and studied Civil Engineering from the Prayagraj District of Uttar Pradesh.

Post studies, Prakhar worked for companies like FLCL, Kolkata Metro, Era Infrastructure, Supertech, etc. Extensive travel while working for these companies helped Prakhar gain meaningful insights into the living of people in Rural and Urban India. His tours, especially across the districts of Orissa and West-Bengal introduced him to the world of fish-farming. Prakhar’s first-interest in agricultural activities got triggered after learning the basics of fish-farming, he soon started planning to introduce fish-farming as an additional activity alongside traditional farming in his village.

Prakhar knew that despite his fancies, it will not be easy to set-up a successful fish farming business. The difficulties were to start at his home only, and convincing his family to start fish farming was not easy. He somehow managed a skeptical approval from his family and started working on the project. He got in touch with the local fisheries department for help but soon realized that the department lacked expertise. The first year was full of failures and learnings due to a lack of techniques.

The losses and learning of the first year of operations served a good lesson and Prakhar decided to sharpen his knowledge. He soon got in touch with a fish-farming expert from Meja, Uttar Pradesh, and invited him to visit their village. Appreciating Prakhar’s zeal, the expert agreed to visit his village and stay there for a few days. During his four days of stay in Prakhar’s village, the expert figured the basic problem of obsolete fertilizing techniques and helped with meaningful information about the sophisticated fertilizing techniques.

The improvisation showed instant results and Prakhar’s farm started making profits very soon. In the second season of his second year of operations, Prakhar made a decent profit of Rupees 10. The ten lac rupees of profit was momentous not just in terms of money but also served as a certificate for his decision to quit his job for fish farming – his last drawn salary was rupees 40k per month.

Prakhar has not just set-up his own fish farming business but also helping other farmers from the region to take up fish farming alongside their ongoing agrarian activities. The new fish-farming techniques are helping farmers earn more than earlier from their farmlands making Prakhar’s business a social enterprise.

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