When Maternity Leave Gave Her A Million Dollar Start-Up Idea

By 2011, everyone was jumping into e-commerce but lacked a very important and popular feel. What was missing was the charming experience of surfing through a catalogue, looking at clothes teaming up with accessories and creating a look. Suchi Mukherjee was the first one to notice this gap when she was flipping through a magazine during her maternity leave.

Yes, while people like to relax and take their minds off work, Suchi used her maternity leave to develop her entrepreneurship dreams. It was a very risky idea to venture into a e-fashion market but hats off to the determination and understanding of the trends, Limeroad established itself as a popular platform.

You need the fighter gene to succeed

In 2012, she gave birth to her second child as well as Limeroad to help women create or find a perfect look on a virtual scrapbook before buying. It was very important for her to create a one-stop space where women could find fashionable clothes and accessories. She joined hands with co-founders Prashant Malik, who was earlier with Facebook, and Ankush Mehra, who headed the supply chain at Reliance Hypermarkets to launch India’s one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

It is a decision people rarely take at the age of 39. Leaving behind a prosperous career of 16 years in UK where she worked with world leaders like Virgin Media, Skype, eBay and Gumtree at senior positions. Also, entrepreneurship is severely challenging as it involves building a brand from scratch and providing opportunities to other people.

When I told my mother I would build a business in India, she said ‘sarvanash’ (total destruction)

Suchi Mukherjee, who studied finance at the London School of Economics, has won over a lot of challenges and is wading through many more at present. The feature that has made Limeroad the most attractive among its competitors is the high engagement it causes where its users submit 250,000+ units of unique visual content per month.

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