World’s Youngest Headmaster Has 800 Students At Age Of Just 16

Babar Ali is still a student himself, enrolled at the government-run school in West Bengal. In the afternoons, starting at 4 pm, he in turn teaches students in a school he founded in his parents´back yard in Murshidabad. He had begun teaching at nine years of age, mostly as a game, and then decided to continue teaching other children at a larger scale.

The school runs as an outdoor school and counts a total of ten teachers, including Ali, all of them students at school or college who volunteer to teach at the school. There are 800 children learning at the school, starting from four or five years of age. The school is tuition-free and helps the poor to receive education. Pupils come from nearby villages and walk up to four kilometres in order to attend their lessons.

While Ali focuses on his study and attends his school everyday till the specified school hours, however, his dedication towards his responsibility for the educate the children of his society, even after the school is something to be praised, comprehended and implemented by every individual.

“Anand Shiksha Niketan” an afternoon school where Ali is serving as the Headmaster started 9 years back with just eight students. The school does not have a permanent structure and is deficient in the substantial infrastructural facilities. But beyond all odds, Ali at his institution, offers complimentary education to every student coming from remote places to acquire education. He is materialising his dream precisely with utter devotion, zeal and determination.

Come let’s support Babbar Ali with his vision to educate every Indian.

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