Milk – Rs 5000/Litre, Urine – Rs 500, IT Professional Churning Money From His Donkey Farm.

It is one of those days when we are looking into another unique business idea by an entrepreneur. The fact that the perspective of every individual is different creates a reason for more diversified and surprising ideas from an entrepreneur’s end. Also, as customers, we always look out for options that are new and promising, especially when it comes to aspects like health and safety.

Where everyone is making money in business with milk products, where milk actually refers to milk from buffaloes and cows, a person has found out an alternative for the existing milk producers. The competitiveness in the milk products is high as there are a lot of existing companies dealing in it.

Making use of donkey milk to create organic beauty products – that summons the captivating idea of Aby Baby, who thought donkey milk as a market option to start with a business, which has turned to be a great earning success.

Aby Baby With His Donkey's

The motivation for Aby to be an entrepreneur came from one of his London-returned friend.

The journey started with the words in Bible which read that Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem on the day of Hosanna on top of a donkey. Another biblical character, Job had 1,000 donkeys (jennies), as described in the holy book. Aby being a true believer of Bible, always wondered why Jesus did not choose a horse for his grand entry, or why Job reared jennies and not male donkeys that were good at carrying goods.

The curiosity to know more about the benefits of donkey and its milk, Aby started his entrepreneurial expedition in 2006. Aby spent around 10 years in researching about the milk, coming to the conclusion that an Egyptian Queen once used donkey milk to look beautiful. Here’s when he ideated the concept of making beauty products out of donkey milk. In 2015, he travelled across South India gathering 32 donkeys and finally in a span of 10 years he was ready, with a land of 2.5 acres in Ramamangalam as his farm.

Aby said in an interview with KenFolios that he had no one to guide through this journey and so things worsened down for him, financially as well as the statically. Certain finances which he had accumulated from his family and friends, all went for a waste as he had no great knowledge with doing business.

But, an entrepreneur always learns from his mistakes and so did Aby, who today has 23 donkeys’ out of which 20 are jennies.

Aby started off, by building a farm next to his house through which he made cosmetic products like beauty creams, shampoos, bath wash, etc. This business idea is one of a kind initiative as making products from donkey milk are only known in foreign countries and not in India.

As Aby started at a smaller scale his customers were his family, friends and neighbours who said that his manufactured products were in real, beneficial for the skin, and that they could notice the changes. The use of donkey milk also stated that it helps curing diseases.

As a next step in business development Aby decided to take this initiative online and introduced his online website named dolphiniba(dot)com for selling beauty products made from donkey milk.  One of his successful products is the Dolphin IBA, the only ingredients is pure donkey milk and rosemary.

Aby Baby's Donkeys

Jennies are available for prices ranging from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1 Lakh. The same way its milk is also expensive as its costs Rs. 5000 to Rs 6000 per litre.

Where studies prove that donkey milk is effective it is also related close to human milk, because it is rich in lactose and low in fat. With anti-bacterial agents and lot of vitamins, donkey milk has nutritional benefits.

Aby has set an off track to traditional ways of doing business as coming up with innovative and new ideas is what is seen successful in the near future.

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