Story Of A 74-Yr-Old Man Who Has Donated Rare Blood Over 130 Times

We don’t need to do great things in life to be a hero. Some are adored for fighting for the country, some stand up for their beliefs, but significant contribution can also come from small gestures. Little things that we do alone can be well enough.

Madan Lal Bairwa’s extraordinary yet humble feat teaches us that simple habits can do wonders for the society. The 74-year-old from Baran, in Rajasthan, has donated blood over 130 times. Although his enthusiasm for more is still strong, the age limit restriction prevents him from doing so. Now, he motivates others in the city to play their part in the blood donation camps.

How it started

Madan works as a manual labor and loads or unloads trucks with grain sacks in the main market in Baran. In 1980, he donated blood for the first time. There were no blood banks at the time, and as people came to know how he saved a life, he became a he4-Yr-ro. People would often approach him when someone needed blood for transfusion.

“I never felt weakness after donating blood. My job was to carry heavy sacks on my back and to load them into trucks and I have to unload them too. But, donating blood several times, did not affect my work. In 1980, I donated blood for the first time. It was a person who required blood transfusion after he met with an accident. At that time, there were no blood banks available, so I decided to help the person,” Madan told TOI.

Being popular as he was, he was the first person people would approach for blood. As he says there were times when he donated within gaps of 20-30 days.

A sturdy body and a strong will

“I do not have diabetes or hypertension or any other disease, which makes me ineligible for donating blood. But, it is my old age, which makes me ineligible for donating blood,” he added. Madan is happy that he has been living a healthy lifestyle and has been able to help people because of that. He has been working, loading and unloading trucks, for most of his life. This has helped him maintain a good physique.

Even though the upper age limit is 60-66 in India in various places, and Madan is not able to donate anymore, he still wants to do all he can for the people. People like Madan show us that all we need to do, is go out and decide if we want to do something.

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