Left India With Nothing, Is Now One Of the Richest Indians With Rs 82,000 Crore

If you are inspired you can cross mountains of challenges without having to fear about failure. If you can sow the seeds of positivity within you every goal automatically comes within your range. One such inspirational figure is this man who left India looking for opportunities at a time when did not have a single penny with him.

All he had was a rock solid willingness to work hard and transform his destiny. He used his abilities to the fullest to establish a well-known brand and became one of the richest Indians.

We are talking about Niraj Goel who at the age of 44, managed to carve out for himself the title of India’s youngest self-made billionaire.  It is unfortunate that a sizable share of our population is in such a state that the fighter spirit in them completely vanishes after a few decades in their lives. To keep the fountain of positivity flowing one must keep reading inspirational stories and stay motivated.

Born into a middle-class family in Ludhiana, Niraj completed his schooling from Shimla. He went on to Punjab University for graduation and by 1988 he launched his career from a finance technology firm. He was deeply involved in his work and began experimenting with development of finance technology.

He gained experience working in this field and sensed the possibilities of a profitable business. While researching on some business opportunities, he found Singapore to be the largest market for financial technology. To explore further and set a solid groundwork for his dream he set out for Singapore in the year 2000 and laid foundation of his own finance technology firm and began from absolutely zero.

Under the banner of his company Goel did more than 50 innovations in the field of financial technology and insurance sector which built his distinct identity in the market. After having tasted initial success he founded a company named Clone Algo and began multi-national operations in financial technology and insurance products. Presently, he is serving as President in this company and Chairman  in Dragon Holdings. Apart from this he also holds senior positions in several other companies.

Taking his career a step forward, he established the Singapore Innovation League and became a venture capitalist and investor for various companies. His company developed algorithm-based products that are used by trading companies and the ones that trade in crude oil.

Today, Niraj’s name has made its permanent position in the list of rich and successful businesmen of Singapore as well as the world. Not just this he is also the youngest self-made billionaire of India and is the second richest person in Singapore. His yearly income is a grand $12.95 billion (Rs 82,407 crore).

While leaving India he was determined to make it big and now he has become the richest Asian from the field of technology. His motivating story is the perfect example that shows hardwork and will power of a person can transform their destiny.

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